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All About Home is dedicated to providing affordable promotional opportunities to home and garden designers in Second Life.

We have several advertising initiatives.  You can select which you want to take part in.

1.  Group Notices  - 250L one off joining fee

You can send ONE notice per week to the inworld group about any releases, sales at your store and group gifts. The new releases can pertain to any event you are taking part in.

The new releases will be posted on the front page of the blog.   If the notice contains multiple ads for the same item, but in different textures, only ONE picture will be posted as a sample of the new release.

This is to ensure we are letting readers know about your new builds, but still providing variety on the front page of the blog.

You can post all of the ads on our Flickr page and Facebook page.

If you are in an event regularly we have an events page where the logo for the event and link for the event blog will be posted.

Your logo and link to your store blog will be posted on the "group stores" page.

Go to the "Designer Application" page to join if you are interested in advertising through group notices.

2.  Front page Advertising  -  250L for 4 weeks

Your store logo and link to your blog / Flickr page or slurl for your inworld store will go on the front page of the blog.

Please contact Arya Braveheart if you are interested in advertising on the front page.

3.  "Images from All About Home"

We are trialing a new initiative building on the popularity of our Flickr page.   It is an "coffee table" style book with photos of builds from group designers.

Designers have a double page spread with quality photos of their builds and information about their store, including LMs, links to blogs, Flickr page etc.  

The book will be distributed through inworld groups and the All About Home board.

If the first trial is successful, we will do a second version in 2016.

More information will be available in 2016 about this.

4.  Bloggers & Designers -  200L for 4 weeks

If you are a designer looking for bloggers for your store you can advertise this on our blog.

We have a page where your store logo and any pertinent information will be included regarding what you are looking for.  Bloggers will be able to contact you directly or follow any directions you provide to apply to blog your items.

Please complete the application form on the "Bloggers and Designers" page if you wish to advertise for bloggers.

We will update this page as advertising information changes or new opportunities arise.

Thanks so much for your interest in advertising with All About Home.

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