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All About Home is pleased to present the first edition of All About Home - the decor book.  The book showcases the builds of 10 quality home and garden designers.   Flick through their lovely photos at your leisure and be inspired to add their great decor to your home.

We are also pleased to include the work of the talented blogger Cat Thane in the book.  Cat has compiled home and garden builds from each of the participating designers and took photos of the set for us. The result is a cute, quirky and fun set.

This book is the perfect "coffee table" decor book you can actually read in SL.    

You can obtain an inworld version of the book from the All About Home board found on the AAH sim or at any of the participating stores.   The book will also be available through the designers inworld group and the AAH inworld group.


We would like to dedicate this book to the father of one of our lovely designers, Hanstrid Inshan.  Hans lost her father this weekend (28 - 29 Nov) after a short illness.  This is a big loss for Hans and her family and our thoughts are with them.


Our thanks to Crista Wellens Raonhausen (Chillicalifornia) for the fantastic job she did on the graphic design and lay out of the book.

Thanks to Bill Kay (bk99) for publishing the inworld version of the book for us.

Designers Information and Links






Bloggers do fabulous work showcasing designers home and garden builds in SL.  Their pictures are often posted on the All About Home Flickr page.   We wanted to include the work of a very talented blogger / photographer and were pleased Cat Thane accepted our invitation to take part in the first edition of the All About Home Decor book.
Cat was sent a selection of items from the participating designers.   She put together this cute and quirky set of items and photographed them for the book.   The items are listed below.

 CHEZ MOI FURNITURES - Romantic Hay Pile NorthMont
CHEZ MOI FURNITURES - Pasture Wagon NorthMont
CHEZ MOI FURNITURES - Fence & Horses NorthMont Farm
CHEZ MOI FURNITURES - Douillet Blankets
{what next} Candle Jar String Lights (stars)
{what next} Orchard Fallen Apples Decor
{what next} Lisbeth Crate Table
{what next} Apple Cider Tray
{what next} Fall Doughnuts
{what next} Lisbeth Blanket (Fall) 1
{what next} Lisbeth Book Pile (Fall)
{what next} Lisbeth Fall Leaves Decor
{what next} Autumn Leaves Garland
 {what next} Floor Jar Lantern (stars)

!! Follow US !! Autumn field Part.II COPY version
!! Follow US !! Autumn dwarf V4 COPY version
!! Follow US !! Autumn dwarf V1 COPY version
!! Follow US !! Autumn dwarf V2 COPY version
!! Follow US !! Autumn dwarf V2 COPY version
!! Follow US !! Autumn milk jar V1 (small) COPY version

Serenity Style- Birdhouse Fence DECORATED
Serenity Style- Welcome Rain Kit
Serenity Style-New Autumn Leaves
Serenity Style- Divine Flash Camera - RARE
Serenity Style-Babe Autumn REZ
Serenity Style-Autumn Wood Block
Serenity Style- Baby Minnie RED (REZ)
Serenity Style- Baby Mouse BROWN (rez)

DIGS - Almut Terrarium - Candle
DIGS - Solas Lamp - Antique
DIGS - Whisky Crate Stool - Light
DIGS - Heritage Armchair - Brown w/blanket
DIGS - Canopy Lamp - Brass
DIGS - Almut Hanging Terrarium 
Shutter Field - [sf] ladder shack - rustic
Shutter Field - [sf] pumpkin pie tray
Shutter Field - [sf] autumn frame
Shutter Field - [sf] fall letter decor
Shutter Field - [sf] pumpkin harvest

Dreamscapes Decor - *Birdcage* with candles Brown
Dreamscapes Decor - *Mira* Pallet Couch E
Dreamscapes Decor - *Jenna* Doiley

*ZK* Autumn Orchard Bunting Flags A (2 Poles)
*ZK* Garden Tea Cart with Birdhouses & Flowers (Animations)

Lunar Seasonal Designs - Menu Driven and Animated Trash
 Also included in post were items from Circa

[CIRCA] - "Autumn Harvest" Bushel Basket of Pumpkins - Brown
[CIRCA] - "Autumn Harvest" Daisy Bird House Stand
[CIRCA] - "Autumn Harvest" Wheelbarrow - with Pumpkins
[CIRCA] - "Into the Forest" Table - Autumn Decor - Khaki Wood
[CIRCA] - "Autumn Harvest" Basket - Flower Mix
[CIRCA] - "Into the Forest" Area Rug - Fallen Leaves Dark
[CIRCA] - "Autumn Harvest" Nature Wreath - Oranges / Light Wood
[CIRCA] - "Autumn Harvest" Haybale Prop (3 pos)
[CIRCA] - "MONTANE" Camellia Tree Planter - Multi Granite

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