Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What's New at Shutter Field?

We have been busy making a ton of new stuff for events

1.  SHINY SHABBY - 20th June

We have made the first of 2 new beds.  This rustic bed comes in both male/female and male/male versions.  There is a pg and adult version of each.   The headboard is texture change or can be removed if you dont like it.  The lights turn on and off.

2.  TRES CHIC - 17 June

For Tres Chic we collaborated to make a new outdoor dining table and chairs.  We have 2 versions - a rustic version and a greek inspired version.


To celebrate gay pride month Spurt is holding a Sun Festival starting 23 June

We have done a new gift for the event - some male/male cuddle pillows (though also suitable for male/female cuddles) with 4 cuddle animations.   We have a small stall there with the gifts inside, but check out the sim, there are a lot of cool fun rides etc.   

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