Friday, April 14, 2017

Loads of Events and Fun with Serenity Style

Exclusive prizes for the Mad Easter Hunt, a funny event organized by MadPea Games that will run from 4th to 18 on April.

People need to search different eggs hidden in the mainstores.  I have hidden 3 different eggs with 3 prizes:

1.- 2 wooden bunnies 

2.  A cute bunny searching its carrot

3- A box with decorated eggs

You can get all the info about the event HERE.


Here are my items for this round of The Liaison Collaborative, inspired in Rainy Day there are 3 different items that can be purchased separately or in fatpack.

The event started on the 7th of April.


Here is my new exclusive for Deco(c)rate April round.
Remember this is a subscription event where the crate needs to be purchased before the box is delivered but customers can still buy it after visiting some of the kiosk locations available.


Here is my exclusive gacha for the April round of The Crossroads.

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