Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sand and Sunshine

I can't believe the summer stuff is already starting to come in, but I am so glad it is because look how awesome it is!  It makes me yearn for sand and sunshine and the smell of the sea.

I am actually showing two sets here:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field's Seaside Set (Shiny Shabby) and Serenity Style's Sunny Beach Collection (The Crossroads).

In the foreground is the Seaside Set with chairs, bag of towels, seaside tray and candle lantern.  The chairs come in driftwood and white and, of course, have great poses for boys and girls!

The rest of the items are from the Sunny Beach Collection and includes the pier (RARE), boat (RARE), board, lantern, bucket, rug, lifeguards (which for some reason I missed showing...sigh) and clothesline.  The boat, pier and rug all have poses so this is a fab set to collect.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Stunning Sims #1

I have had the go ahead to start showing off some of the amazing sims we have here in SL and at the same time showcase some amazing home and garden items on these sims.

The first sim I am going to show you is called Maison de L'amitie and combines an Mediterranean steeped village with a gorgeous beach and sea vista.  It makes use of accessories to match the scene such as fishing boats, seaside homes and lovely beachside villas teamed with outside dining sets and mini-market areas.

If you are exploring this sim make sure you duck into all the buildings and little areas as they are worth the trouble!

The first photo I am calling Sinking Light.

Place to Retreat

Sometimes it is nice to have a place to go and just chill out.  Of course, when you are a blogger, I just end up setting it up then taking photos, but still...it looks relaxing.  No time!

If you want a great little place this set if perfect.  The pavilion would be great as an outdoor retreat, office or even a wee home.

Pavilion:  Serenity Style - The Atlier Couture Pavilion (Shiny Shabby - see rest of set below)
Kettles and Bell:  Serenity Style- The Magic Alice Bell and Tea Time (On9)
Bench:  KraftWork - Bajio - Bench vs1.1

Chair, Books and Glasses:  Serenity Style-Rainy Day (The Liaison Collaborative)
And the Rest:  Serenity Style- The Atelier Couture Gacha (Shiny Shabby)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New From Serenity Style

Here is my new gacha collection for Shiny Shabby.

The event starts tomorrow, 20th of April.

Seaside Set

Shutter Field and Decor Junction are pleased to be taking part in the April round of Shiny Shabby.  We have created a cute seaside beach set with seats and decor.  Each piece can be bought separately at full price or buy the complete set at a discounted price.  

Shiny Shabby opens on 20th April.

Friday, April 14, 2017

New Event for Shutter Field and Decor Junction

DJ / SF (Decor Junction / Shutter Field) and Serenity Style are taking part in a new monthly event 15 CoOp.

15 CoOp is a sale event for two days each month, starting on 15th.   One item in each participarting store will be on sale for between 25 - 75L.

For DJ / SF we have the Demeter Day Bed - light on sale at 60L from 15 - 17th April at our stores.

Loads of Events and Fun with Serenity Style

Exclusive prizes for the Mad Easter Hunt, a funny event organized by MadPea Games that will run from 4th to 18 on April.

People need to search different eggs hidden in the mainstores.  I have hidden 3 different eggs with 3 prizes:

1.- 2 wooden bunnies 

2.  A cute bunny searching its carrot

3- A box with decorated eggs

You can get all the info about the event HERE.


Here are my items for this round of The Liaison Collaborative, inspired in Rainy Day there are 3 different items that can be purchased separately or in fatpack.

The event started on the 7th of April.


Here is my new exclusive for Deco(c)rate April round.
Remember this is a subscription event where the crate needs to be purchased before the box is delivered but customers can still buy it after visiting some of the kiosk locations available.


Here is my exclusive gacha for the April round of The Crossroads.

Spring Has Sprung at Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Spring is here with lots of news! New releases, 3 running hunts and a new VIP Group Gift!

*New releases

I've lots of spring inspired new releases out - flowers, crates, birdhouses and much more.


Evil Bunny Hunt 7

Find all the information HERE.

World Tour 2017

Find all the information HERE.

* NEW Group Gift!

Join the group HERE.

New at What Next

New for this month’s Collabor88 – the Palma Set, includes rocking chairs, table, potted plant, books, cups decor and lanterns! Ideal to spruce up your porch/deck area.

The Full Set includes: 
rocking chairs, table, lanterns, potted plant,, books & cups decor

Pieces can be bought separately - rocking chairs, table, lanterns -
and then the tabletop decor as one smaller set.

The rocking chairs and table have 7 colour finish options
and there are many fabric options for the pillows, from
plain to stylish prints.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Deck Sets


For the April round of On9 Shutter Field and Decor Junction have collaborated to create a set of Decks for your home.   There are 3 different types in 3 textures.   There is a beach deck with an open end so you can do boating, fishing, diving etc.  There is a closed ground deck for your garden.  There is a house deck with an open spot to go next to a door, so you can walk out of your house onto a good sized deck for relaxing on.

Each deck comes in white, rustic and blue textures.

The white house deck is discounted by 25% for the April round of On9.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New from Shutter Field and Decor Junction


Shutter Field and Decor Junction have collaborated to create a new deck bed lounger for the April round of The Crossroads.   The DB lounger comes in light and dark colours.  

There are three versions - male / female PG (with single sits and cuddles), male / male PG (with single sits and cuddles) and male / male adult.  The adult version has additional male / male / male adult animations.

The adult version is on display in the gay adult store at Shutter Field to check out the animations before purchasing.

They are available for purchase at the men's section of The Crossroads from 3 April.