Thursday, January 26, 2017


Draftsman is a fairly new event to SL.  It happens every two months and there has only been one prior to this round.  It is for those who love decorating.  It is houses, stores, outdoor and indoor furniture and decor.  It is just amazing and I am trying to get as many of you over there to have a look as I can.

Even the venue is worth a look.  It is simple to navigate and everything is rezzed as it is, with no need to find rezzed full-sized version elsewhere on the sim.  Easy.

Today I am showing you a build from Draftsman.  It is from Galland Homes and is the Victorian Outbuilding.  Just lovely to hide away in your garden and use for a retreat, art area or visitors entertaining area.  Multi-purpose buildings are just great.

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