Monday, January 23, 2017

Cold Out But Hot Stuff at Draftsman

You are not going to believe it but today in Aryaland it snowed near me.  Now, you are probably thinking, "Big deal.  It snows here too!"  However, it is summer where I am.  SUMMER.  It snowed in the middle of summer.  Global warming.  Hello?

I am currently sitting inside with heat on and watching it snow on the mountains around me.  This is weird.

That is why it seems apt today to be taking photos that look cold and have snow in them.

This Recycled Victorian cottage from ChiC Buildings is in Southern Comfort Dark but also comes in light.  It is 53Li and I love the verandah on the front and side.  It also has a cute stained glass window and a couple of arched ones too.  You can find this at the Draftsman event with the other items I am showing below.

The Armilary Sphere and Window and Bed Frame Clutter are also from ChiC Buildings and are a great addition to this cottage.

The ottoman is from revival.  It is part of a set of ottomans (ottomen?) that also come in leather and floral.  The one I am showing here is the linen version. Great accessory for any home.

The other items are all from BIGBULLY and include the Victorian Wireframe Candles, Chair, Table and Mirror all in silver.  They also come in black, gold and copper if that is more your style.

Make sure you go take a look for yourself and don't rely on my photo abilities!

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