Saturday, January 28, 2017

Concert in the Park

More goodies from the Draftsman event today.  Well, one anyway.  I also have some great items that will be at the upcoming Gacha Garden (not open yet).  Woohoo!

This gorgeous KraftWork Victorian Theater has changeable background textures and looks stunning in a garden or park environment.  I love the detail on this stunning theater.  As well as looking good it also has poses to make it fun.  It has three puppet poses for three avis at once and five drama poses for two avis.  How cool is that?

Since there was only one of me I used it as a concert area for this great piano set from *CHEZ MOI*.  It comes with this lovely piano and seat with piano playing pose and couples animations too.  You can even listen to a variety of songs!  You can also grab the lyrics frames and chairs (seen above).  The seed of inspiration item is the guitar with stand (also above).  There are a variety of piano colours and chairs too.

Brick House

Yes, I know it is technically not a house, but the song is 'brick house' not 'brick factory', so there you go!

This cool factory is, however, from Nomad and is the Old Factory B.  You can find it at the Draftsman event and is a really cool build.  The inside is great too with a mezzanine and plenty of space.  Would be a great store or a really big house!

Make sure you go and check it out at Draftsman.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sur le Balcon

Today we are on the balcony at Tres Chic with this Shabby Balcony and chairs from Shutter Field and Decor Junction.  When these two fab stores team up you better get your wallet out because they always produce something special and this balcony just proves it!

The balcony also comes in a clean version as well as this shabby ones and you can get the dark or shabby white (or both) chairs that I have shown here.

Make sure you sashay on over to Tres Chic to check them out.

I also added the Eifee Poster Light Decor Dark from MUshilu in the background as my Eiffel Tower stand-in.  This is also available at Tres Chic in smaller sizes!

Room for One

I love blogging and it is especially fun when you have lovely items to blog such as the ones I am going to show you today.

These are all part of Serenity Style's Endless Love Gacha except for one item I added, also from Serenity Style.

The gacha items can be found at Shiny Shabby and are just delicious!  Perfect for a wee getaway in the woods or even as a small home.

The only item not in the gacha is the Love You Country Frame which is a group gift for the All About Home group.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Draftsman is a fairly new event to SL.  It happens every two months and there has only been one prior to this round.  It is for those who love decorating.  It is houses, stores, outdoor and indoor furniture and decor.  It is just amazing and I am trying to get as many of you over there to have a look as I can.

Even the venue is worth a look.  It is simple to navigate and everything is rezzed as it is, with no need to find rezzed full-sized version elsewhere on the sim.  Easy.

Today I am showing you a build from Draftsman.  It is from Galland Homes and is the Victorian Outbuilding.  Just lovely to hide away in your garden and use for a retreat, art area or visitors entertaining area.  Multi-purpose buildings are just great.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cold Out But Hot Stuff at Draftsman

You are not going to believe it but today in Aryaland it snowed near me.  Now, you are probably thinking, "Big deal.  It snows here too!"  However, it is summer where I am.  SUMMER.  It snowed in the middle of summer.  Global warming.  Hello?

I am currently sitting inside with heat on and watching it snow on the mountains around me.  This is weird.

That is why it seems apt today to be taking photos that look cold and have snow in them.

This Recycled Victorian cottage from ChiC Buildings is in Southern Comfort Dark but also comes in light.  It is 53Li and I love the verandah on the front and side.  It also has a cute stained glass window and a couple of arched ones too.  You can find this at the Draftsman event with the other items I am showing below.

The Armilary Sphere and Window and Bed Frame Clutter are also from ChiC Buildings and are a great addition to this cottage.

The ottoman is from revival.  It is part of a set of ottomans (ottomen?) that also come in leather and floral.  The one I am showing here is the linen version. Great accessory for any home.

The other items are all from BIGBULLY and include the Victorian Wireframe Candles, Chair, Table and Mirror all in silver.  They also come in black, gold and copper if that is more your style.

Make sure you go take a look for yourself and don't rely on my photo abilities!

Love is in the Air at Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Valentines is just around the corner! Lots of lovely new things are out to decorate your home!

*New releases*

Brand new sweet and lovely things to make your home cozy for the season of love.

Couch, chair, tables and rug in soft colors. The couch has 26 single ( female & male ), 13 couples and chat animations. The chair has 18 female & male animations.

*Jessi* Chair with blanket in sweet & fresh pattern mix! 24 female & male animations. Matching Heart Ottoman for both chairs.

Perfect couch set that will fit nicely even into smaller spaces! The *Valentina* couch is a two sitter with 26 female & male and 8 couples animations. The stool has 24 female and male animations.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Time for Tea at The Draftsman

I am soooo excited.  The Draftsman event is ready to open its doors for this round and it has a real Victorian feel to it.

Today I am going to show you a few items from this great home and garden spectacular plus a few others that just fit with the look so I decided to include them.

First up is this gorgeous cottage from Pillows, It is the TLHC: Victorian Doll House-Light.  Just perfect for a small home or a cottage in the woods that could be used for a multitude of needs (Draftsman).

Next up we have these lovely parlour chairs from Roawenwood as well as the Afternoon Delight Refreshment Cart to go with (Draftsman)

 I teamed them up with the tea table and tea set from 22769 [bauwerk]'s 221 Baker Street's set at The Gacha Guardian Event.  I have also included the Candle Holder which is their Gift of the Guardians.

Other Items:
*YS&YS* European Taste - Rug 02

The lovely Phoebe Chaise Lounge is from Newchurch and has a texture hud so you can change the colour to suit your needs.  Looks comfy! (Draftsman)

The bookcase and book stack are also from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Baker Street 221b.  I am sure Sherlock won't mind sharing...

Other Items:
Spargel & Shine Homes:  Annie Antique Lamp
LISP - 2 tier Hatboxes - Gold
Trompe Loeil - Gyroscope Floor Lamp Rusty

Love from Serenity Style

Serenity Style is at Shiny Shabby and is offering these lovely exclusive gacha items for you to collect.

Imagine these all in your garden ready for spring decorating!  Perfect.  Make sure you take a look for yourself.

Oh La La from Tres Chic

Bonjour mes amis!  Comment ├ža va?  Ca va bien!

Check out these love Parisian-styled items available at Tres Chic.  Loads of goodies over there for you to go and grab, if you haven't been there already.  Put on your beret and cycle on over for a coffee and some shopping.

Table, Chairs and Decor Items:  {Your Dreams} - Amour a Paris - Table, Benches, Macarons, Flowers and Candle (TC - Gacha Items)
Fiireplace:  CHEZ MOI - Woodburning Stove Luxurious (TC)
Wall Light:  MUshilu - Le Tour Eiffel - Eifee Poster light decor Silver (TC)

On the Balcony


Fab new releases from Shutter Field.

At Tres Chic we have collaborated with Decor Junction to do a Parisian themed balcony and chair.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cute Stuff for Couples at Shutter Field

These cute towel sets are for Her & Him and Him & Him.  Only 70L at Shutter Field.

Make sure you get on over and grab!

Loads of Stuff at CHEZ MOI


Do you know Deco(c)rate?
Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality. original mesh decor, home and garden items. 

CHEZ MOI created this delicate wrought iron Gazebo with a snow bare tree to decorate your garden.

If you didn't pre-order the December crate but still want to see what was in it then check out the unboxing video by Alicia Chenaux.

And if the items look like something you would love then you can still purchase the January crate for L$3,000 at the main Deco(c)rate HQ!



*Only for decoration purposes.

Available at Marketplace and inworld 

This Iron Patio Set is perfect to complement outdoor spaces as porches, balconies or patios.

Available at Marketplace and inworld

The Backyard Firepit set is perfect for huddling around the warm, flickering lights of a fire pit and hanging out with pleasant company.

Available at Marketplace and inworld store:



This Sweet Bear will make you laugh and have great time with your friends!

Exclusive for The Chapter Four event during January 4th to January 20th with 50% OFF!



This decorative sled + wooden sign is perfect for winter outdoor spaces.

Available in Adult and PG version.

20% off during the event: January 01st to 30th.



FREE GROUP: Start 2017 with good thoughts:

GROUP DISCOUNT: Get a deserved rest with this natural color Armchair.

GET 15%, 20%, 30% or 50% OFF BACK!
Activate the GROUP DISCOUNT tag to get discounts at all purchase in Caspervend displays all over CHEZ MOI in-world CHEZ MOI store.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gift at Spurt from Shutter Field

Shutter Field has a great wee store at Spurt and in honour of that there is a fab gifty out for people to grab, but especially for the boys!

Perfect decor for adding to a wall to give it a lift and a great look.

Gift from All About Home

Hi, all, and Happy New Year!!

We want to share with all of you a special new group gift for you!!

This is a exclusive Serenity Style gift for the All About Home members.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sale Time

A new year means a fresh start and ::cute as f*ck:: is starting 2017 with a FREE Giveaway. These framed art pieces are 100% original mesh and feature motivational hand-drawn ::cute as f*ck:: art. Click the ::free as f*ck:: sign at the Main Store every 6 hours to win a random prize from this collection. 

This event runs from 1/1 to 1/7. Happy New Year! <3

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year at CIRCA

Look Into the Light!

This week we have some really pretty items that we made for adding some ambiance to your spaces.  For SaNaRae this round we have a redux of our Starlight posing bubbles & some new star lantern lighting.  Also you can get a special edition chaise from our Horizons collection for L$50 as part of the SaNaRae Downy side event.  See all of these at our booth, info below!

   @ SaNaRae
      Dec 26 - Jan 18

SaNaRae Down Item ~

The SaNaRae event is now offering a sister event that allows you to get items upto L$50 from special vendors.

Here's our offering for L$50


"Starlight" Bubble Sets! ~

This light and airy series is a redux of some light bubbles. for posing. we created a few years ago.  These now come in an original mesh design that is copiable for indoors and outdoors.  They have an animated solar star centre with posing or decor package options.  You get 12 bubbles per pack that contain 4 bubble sizes, & 9 colours of the animated solar flares overall.  The pose bubble version, there are 5 to 9 animations per bubble with 70 in all!  The animations range from floating, lounging, chatting, & stands.  You can purchase the bubble sets in Snow, Water, or Rainbow.  Perfect for anywhere in the air over water, land, home spaces, stores, event venues, fantasy sims, roleplay sims and more.
      Posing Versions :

Water and rainbow versions also available.

  Decor versions in all also available.

Copiable & Original Mesh!

     ** During the event, our items are discounted 40% and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.


"Starlight" Candle Lanterns - 
Hanging & Ground Hooks ~

I've done a lot of lighting over the years and one thing I know well is giving options.  So we have created 2 kinds of lighting, hanging & ground types.  There are a few different chain link lengths for the hanging version and I even broken them down into section parts…so you can customize your own length for what's needed.  In each pack you get, 6 preset lengths with 5 different chain link versions, long to short.  There are 1 - 4 parts per chain allowing for more length options.  Find them in Silver, Gold, Copper, & Black colourations.  Both of these types of light can be used outdoors or indoors.  Perfect for home spaces, stores, event venues, fantasy sims, roleplay sims and more.

      Ground Hook versions :

Hanging versions :

Copiable, Modifiable & Original Mesh!
     ** During the event, our items are discounted 40% and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.