Monday, November 21, 2016


A brand new event has just hit SL called Draftsman and it is all about architecture and design.  I was in fangirl mode when I went over to snap some pics and drool on all the great stuff there.

It is a bimonthly event and promises to be a must-see event in SL.  

"Visitor travel through time and set eyes on a different architectural style each round, from prehistoric to middle-ages to Modernism.  With endless architectural styles there will always be a new, unique experience to discover."  Draftsman Website.

Some of our very own AAH designers are showcasing their wares at Draftsman so I thought I would show you what they have on offer.

Decor Junction and Shutter Field:

Galland Homes:

You can find these and the following designers at this fab event:

Astralia, Big Bully, Blue Sky, Cheeky Pea, ChiC Buildings, Epia, Ionic, Little Branch, MESHWORX, Newchurch, Ninety, OneDecor, Panavia, Peaches, Pillows, Sayo, Stockholm & Lima, Violetility, Warm Animations and Wazzer Works.

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