Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday @ Barnesworth Anubis

Hey everyone! some great deals this weekend! 

you can find all these details also on the blog.

Because I will be busy for the holiday weekend vendors may be set up early, so feel free to check in the shop early! The sale will go thru the weekend, midnight Sunday November 27th 2016

All deals will be available in the lobby of the main store - (in world look for the snowflake tags!)

Here is what you will find:

50% off all gift cards - perfect gift for anyone, even yourself! These can be used for all purchases in store and at events such as collabor88! - (gift cards will not work ontop of other black friday discounted items in this sale, they are for future purchases or full price items - including collabor88!) 

50% off selected prefabs:

50% off all seasonal snow toppers

all available at the main store only! 

Also at collabor88 for November 2016 is the treme rowhouse + snowcap for $88 and $8 respectively.

available at collabor88 only!

Have a great thanksgiving weekend!

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