Saturday, November 26, 2016

Festive Fun with Serenity Style and Shutter Field

Serenity Style and Shutter Field are having a Winter Sale from the 28th of November to the 12th of December.  You can find all the goodies HERE.

Here is a taste of what is on offer:

3D Republic - Christmas Market

It is that time of year again when the designers open the seasonal cupboard and reach for the green and red tinsel and the shiny baubles.  Yes, it is the 3D Republic Christmas Market and it is better than ever.

The land is all wintered up, the designers are showing their wares and it is just waiting for you to come on over and enjoy this fab event.

🎄Anyone wanna build a snowman?🎄

Some of our very own All About Home designers have booths and items at the Fair and they have dished up some goodies!

Shutter Field

Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday at CHEZ MOI


Enjoy the weekend of SALES!!! November 25, 26 and 27!

UP to 60% off - only at MAINSTORE INWORLD!
*Gachas, Gift Cards and events not included



Patio Set perfect for the Holiday!!

20% OFF during the event <3

Available in Adult and PG version.

These items are exclusive for SaNaRae event from November 26th to December 18th.

Taxi for the event.

Black Friday @ Barnesworth Anubis

Hey everyone! some great deals this weekend! 

you can find all these details also on the blog.

Because I will be busy for the holiday weekend vendors may be set up early, so feel free to check in the shop early! The sale will go thru the weekend, midnight Sunday November 27th 2016

All deals will be available in the lobby of the main store - (in world look for the snowflake tags!)

Here is what you will find:

50% off all gift cards - perfect gift for anyone, even yourself! These can be used for all purchases in store and at events such as collabor88! - (gift cards will not work ontop of other black friday discounted items in this sale, they are for future purchases or full price items - including collabor88!) 

50% off selected prefabs:

50% off all seasonal snow toppers

all available at the main store only! 

Also at collabor88 for November 2016 is the treme rowhouse + snowcap for $88 and $8 respectively.

available at collabor88 only!

Have a great thanksgiving weekend!

Massive Black Friday Sale at CIRCA


     November 24th - 28th
     5 DAYS! .... Over 600 items - 50% Off
     Store wide discounts on select items

Happy Thanksgiving to all the peeps in the U.S.  We're having our 5 day sale with select items discounted 50% Off.  Our Biggest sale ever!  Over 600 products in the sale.  Look for the Black Friday sale wall and items marked with black tags throughout the main store!

From Furniture & decor to outdoor items & architecture from our various collections.  We chose many popular items or personal favourites for the sale. This includes winter holiday and Christmas designs.  Great for picking up items early at discounted prices for gifts or for decorating your spaces.

     Find our bonus sales wall with items at 50% Off

Also our prefab level of our main sim is included in the sale.

*Note: This sale excludes gachas and rezzing vendors.


Black Friday at Galland Homes

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!
Fri, Nov 25 2016 6:06:22 AM PST

Now thru Cyber Monday at 6 PM SL,  Enjoy 30% savings on all Galland Homes prefab models located at the main store only!

Reduced prices are reflected at the vendors when you right click on same and choose the "Pay" option.  

Happy shopping!

Monday, November 21, 2016


A brand new event has just hit SL called Draftsman and it is all about architecture and design.  I was in fangirl mode when I went over to snap some pics and drool on all the great stuff there.

It is a bimonthly event and promises to be a must-see event in SL.  

"Visitor travel through time and set eyes on a different architectural style each round, from prehistoric to middle-ages to Modernism.  With endless architectural styles there will always be a new, unique experience to discover."  Draftsman Website.

Some of our very own AAH designers are showcasing their wares at Draftsman so I thought I would show you what they have on offer.

Decor Junction and Shutter Field:

Galland Homes:

You can find these and the following designers at this fab event:

Astralia, Big Bully, Blue Sky, Cheeky Pea, ChiC Buildings, Epia, Ionic, Little Branch, MESHWORX, Newchurch, Ninety, OneDecor, Panavia, Peaches, Pillows, Sayo, Stockholm & Lima, Violetility, Warm Animations and Wazzer Works.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fairy Tale Time at Blueberry Hill

Head over to the new round of Enchantment to get our NEW Hansel and Gretel Pop-Up Book for only 99L!

- 100% original mesh
- click to open/close

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Have a Seat With CHEZ MOI

This Rounded Bench is a pleasant place to sit, relax and spend some great time with your friends. New for November round of The Chapter Four!

Shutter Field is Getting Us Ready


Shutter Field is embracing winter with new winter and christmas sets.

For ON9 in November Decor Junction and Shutter Field have gone vintage with original mesh Vintage Christmas Chairs and Vintage Christmas Gift Boxes.   The chairs have single sit and activity animations, as well as a texture change blanket.  It's suitable for christmas and as a normal chair.

The rustic version is discounted by 25% for the November round of On9, starting 9 November.

Available in a variety of texture colours.

Winter has come to Shutter Field with our winter items out and a new winter build a snowman set.  The snowman has single sits and activities, including a special scripted animation.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter is Coming to Blueberry HIll

Stop by the newest round of the Liaison Collaborative to pick up our newest items! These items are texture change and themed for both fall and winter so you can get some real longevity from your decor!

- wooden blocks decoration: texture change to autumn blessings or jingle bells themes
- candle plate: flames on/off on click, texture change hud for fall or winter colors
- wooden holiday head: texture change to turkey with gobble gobble text, or snowman with shake your flakes text
- wooden gate decoration: texture change to flags saying fall or noel, wood also texture changes to woodburnt snowflakes

In the Kitchen with Greymoon Designs

Allegra Interactive Kitchen 

This kitchen have been designed to fit the Grayson Place house, but can be as well used in any other homes. 
Kitchen comes in 2 parts, each having individual animations and props for single and two avatars. 
Oven's gas burners get activated by click, the ovens doors open and well as the fridge.
The decorations can be edited and removed for lower prims.
Kitchen comes in one color only.
The entire build is 63 prims and with the length of 6.5m.

Please see demo in world.

Getting Ready @ CIRCA

New Week with New Things!

We are getting ready for the holiday & winter season but we still have lots of autumn fancies for you!  New original mesh garden benches and leaf decorations can be found at "The Old Fair".  For this round of "Colour Me Project" we have some cute outdoor items for your spaces.  Then finally at "SWANK" this month, we have some matching rug & curtain packs in autumn themes!  Oh, also we have a new CIRCA fall group gift at the store!  See below for all the pics and details.  Enjoy!

       Colours: Chocolate, Caramel, & Ivory
       Nov 10th - 19th
Something new and fun for the November with this little sets to decorate your fall outdoor setups.  Candycorn lights, little pumpkins, and birdy details!  There is a rustic bench in 3 versions for the one pack, that includes 2 sapling versions & 1 without.  The seat comes with 20 sit animations for 2 positions (so you can enjoy with someone else!).  Adorable! 

 ** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.

   @ The Old Fair
       Nov 4th - Nov 25th

~ "Palace Garden" Classic Benches ~

This Luyten style garden bench is our version of this classic seating.  It comes in 7 colour options with 10 vintage blanket colours via touch menu.  The blanket is removable.  It comes filled with 56 animations for single and couple sits.  That's 44 single positions and 6 synchronized couple sets.  It's a classic stylish bench for your outdoor or indoor decorating needs.  They are versatile enough to be used all 4 seasons.

      7 packs available - Copy/Modify
      100% Original Mesh     

Available in a variety of colours.

~ Fall Leaf Ground & Cloud Sets ~

It's always fun to decorate the great outdoors with fall leaves on the ground and air!  We have 8 colour combinations at the fair.  Ground piles and spinning air versions.
      100% Original Mesh
       Ground Sets

Variety of leaves and fall styles available.

We have even more items that can be found at our stand.

     ** During the event, our items are discounted at 25% - 40% Off and are exclusives.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.


   @ SWANK
       Theme: Autumn Breeze
       Nov 7th - 30th

For this month's Swank event we have for you a whole selection of pretty curtain sets and matching floor rugs.  You can find these in several deep hues for the season to make your space cheerful, homey, and glamorous.  There are are 6 different colours in each series below.  The textures are perfect for adding interest in a room but subtle enough to let other details of the room standout.  Perfect for fall and the upcoming season.       
      Copy / Modify
      Autumn Pinecone & Leaf pattern -

Available in a huge variety of colours.


We have an exclusive colour of the new fall leaf pack for our members to try out.  Enjoy!


CIRCA Update Group Gift ~

 100% Original MESH
      Find this with our other CIRCA group gift exclusives.

** Be sure to be wearing your appropriate group tag. 
    There is a L$500 join fee as we have a few other fab gifts out as well, making it totally worth it. 

Galland Homes at Pretty Things

Galland Homes is participating in this round of the {Pretty Things} Show Room Event and is offering the new, Elegant Modern Living Room Chair.

4 versions includes
Materials Ready
Sit Animations included
Original Mesh Design

Saturday, November 5, 2016

What is New at CIRCA?

Still Trying to Get your Halloween Fix?!

So, we were invited to an event on the Arcanum sim and ended up with a store too!  For this, we have all kinds of goodies including cheepies, free stuff and hunt prizes.  In addition to all of this have a slew of gifts at our main store & Shop Free*Style.  Find 7 in total for SLF&O, FabFree, Free*Style, & our CIRCA Update group, see further below for details.  Enjoy all your finds! 


   @ The Arcanum Halloween & 10th Anniversary Extravaganza ~ 
       Theme: Halloween / Fantasy
       Oct 28 - Nov 5th

Sidewalk Sale Items! ~


  We have even more items that can be found at our stand.

Sim Hunt Prizes! ~ 8 in ALL

We have 8 prizes in total to find on the sim - look for little orange & black cauldrons hidden high and low (

New Item at our new satellite store on the sim ~

I couldn't resist doing these little guys...super cute!

       $50L item!

Designers include:
Noctis, Hextraordinary, Dragon Magik Wares, Fallen Gods, Devae, Plastik, Stix, Endless Pain Tattoo, MKBCult Weapons, Amaranthus, Awakening Magic, and The Arcanum.


GIFTS! @ Our Main Store & Shop Free*Style

Finally I took the time to make new group gifts for you all in the theme of Halloween.


CIRCA Update Group Gifts ~

** Be sure to be wearing your appropriate group tag. 
    There is a L$500 join fee as we have a few other fab gifts out as well, making it totally worth it.      

FabFree Gift ~

SL F&O Gifts ~


*** Some of these gifts match the items at the Arcanum event for our stand offerings and hunt prizes.