Monday, October 31, 2016

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Latest release in Greymoon Designs

Grayson Place

With only 168 prims, this house have everything you wish in a home. Large living room with exit in the backside of the house with a small but cozy terrace that connects with the bedroom. Included with the bedroom there is place for a separate bathroom.
Main level have also place for a decent size kitchen and dining room. And as a bonus this level have a nice size sun room with lots of windows and as well doors opening to a future terrace.
Second level is a big attic with open space and balcony above the living room.
The basement can be detached manually and a separate wall can be placed at the entrance to close it of.
Otherwise, the house needs some basic terraforming skills for when its placed with the basement.

The house is 168 prims/LI and a size of 25 X 25 

Please see demo in world.

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