Friday, October 14, 2016

New from Dreamscapes

I´m taking part in two events this month - The Mad Circus and Twe12ve. The Circus is already running and Twe12ve starts today, Noon SLT!

Every designer offers an exclusive item and a gift for 10L$ !

Mad Circus Exclusive & 10L Gift: 

*Twe12ve Event October - Theme Haunted


Available at the TWE12VE event October! 
Dark Fireplace with glowing pumpkin and candles. Fire and candles can be turned on and off. The picture is included as separate item. Mod/Copy, 100% Mesh.

* Hunts!

- The Upcyclers Hunt 1.10 - 31.10.16  

- Jeepers Creepers Hunt 1.10 - 31.10.16 

- Boo! Bunny Hunt 5 3.10 - 31.10.16 

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