Saturday, October 22, 2016

New from Blueberry Hill

Candy Fair 2016 is now open, and blueberry hill is there with brand NEW exclusives ,a new gacha, and a free gift!

exclusive items:

- 100% original mesh, low land impact
- gives wearable, animated food to all

sugar race gacha:

- 100% original mesh
- 12 items to play for including 2 rare!
- collect all items to actually play the game! dice popper works, pieces can be shared to move, card stack emotes cards drawn, instructions are actual instructions to play!

free gift:

click the trick or treat vendor out front of our booth to get this item for free:

- 100% original mesh animated to hold

You can also check out our updated older items like Retro Candy Machines in new colors with updated lighting, and ghostly candy dishes with updated lighting!

Available in variety of colours.

Get it all here at Candy Fair

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