Monday, October 31, 2016

New at Galland Homes

I am pleased to release the updated Naples.

Galland Homes  (TP to the model using the sign at the landing point).

This is a re-release of my popular Mediterranean home with the new features.

The main aesthetic change is the mesh clay tile roof. However, the package comes with two rezz boxes: the ultimate version described above (227 LI) or the standard version for the more prim conscious (183 LI).  The latter has the old roofing, but there has been a drop in prim LI due to optimization I performed;  

Both versions come with mesh wooden window blinds controlled by the home control system and mainconsole script 4.1, an update to the home control system.

Current owners of the Naples can obtain a free upgrade by using the redelivery terminal at the store (LM above).

The house is on sale at 15% off of its normal price!

Thank you for your interest in Galland Homes.

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