Monday, October 31, 2016

New from Greymoon

Latest release in Greymoon Designs

Grayson Place

With only 168 prims, this house have everything you wish in a home. Large living room with exit in the backside of the house with a small but cozy terrace that connects with the bedroom. Included with the bedroom there is place for a separate bathroom.
Main level have also place for a decent size kitchen and dining room. And as a bonus this level have a nice size sun room with lots of windows and as well doors opening to a future terrace.
Second level is a big attic with open space and balcony above the living room.
The basement can be detached manually and a separate wall can be placed at the entrance to close it of.
Otherwise, the house needs some basic terraforming skills for when its placed with the basement.

The house is 168 prims/LI and a size of 25 X 25 

Please see demo in world.

For the Geeks and Nerds from Blueberry Hill

Stop by Geeks N' Nerds 2016 for our newest offerings, for the time traveller in all of us!

Lots of colours available.  - on/off menu for colored light, white light or glow only

many of our favourites on sale as well! Grab the LM below and hurry in!

New at Galland Homes

I am pleased to release the updated Naples.

Galland Homes  (TP to the model using the sign at the landing point).

This is a re-release of my popular Mediterranean home with the new features.

The main aesthetic change is the mesh clay tile roof. However, the package comes with two rezz boxes: the ultimate version described above (227 LI) or the standard version for the more prim conscious (183 LI).  The latter has the old roofing, but there has been a drop in prim LI due to optimization I performed;  

Both versions come with mesh wooden window blinds controlled by the home control system and mainconsole script 4.1, an update to the home control system.

Current owners of the Naples can obtain a free upgrade by using the redelivery terminal at the store (LM above).

The house is on sale at 15% off of its normal price!

Thank you for your interest in Galland Homes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Table Time at *CHEZ MOI*


Realistic Billiard Table 100% Original Mesh perfect for your entertainment center, venues or for having fun. New for the new fabulous round of SaNaRae.

Also in Classic, White and Old Wood textures.

Available in Adult and PG version.

More info here:

These items are exclusive from October 26th to November 18th

Taxi for the event.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

New from Blueberry Hill

Candy Fair 2016 is now open, and blueberry hill is there with brand NEW exclusives ,a new gacha, and a free gift!

exclusive items:

- 100% original mesh, low land impact
- gives wearable, animated food to all

sugar race gacha:

- 100% original mesh
- 12 items to play for including 2 rare!
- collect all items to actually play the game! dice popper works, pieces can be shared to move, card stack emotes cards drawn, instructions are actual instructions to play!

free gift:

click the trick or treat vendor out front of our booth to get this item for free:

- 100% original mesh animated to hold

You can also check out our updated older items like Retro Candy Machines in new colors with updated lighting, and ghostly candy dishes with updated lighting!

Available in variety of colours.

Get it all here at Candy Fair

What's New at Shutter Field


We have new garden  / beach box seats as our weekend group 50L item at Shutter Field.  They are low LI, mod and copy and the larger version has couple as well as single sits.  From 21 - 23 October they will be 50L before becoming full price.

Also in dark wood.

Into the Well at *CHEZ MOI*


This realistic looking stone well is new for Tres Chic Event.

Check more info here

Available in Adult and PG version.

These items are exclusive for TRES CHIC event from October 17th to November 10th.

Taxi for the event.

Getting Spooky at CIRCA

Something Spooktacular!

In the spirit of October and all things goth, we are releasing an extensive room set that we've been working on for 2 weeks.  It's for this month's SWANK event in collaboration with the "Stuff" groups, so there is a hunt going on to boot.  Find our hunt gift which matches this set and get into the spooktacular mood.  Our booth items are between 50 - 70% Off.  Also view our other great items from events and new items added to our Marketplace, mentioned further below.  See below for all the details and find some good deals!


   @ SWANK
       Theme: Gothic
       Oct 6 - 31

"Nocturne" Gothic Living Room Collection ~

We are introducing an extensive new Gothic collection this month for your haunted, moody and dark spaces.  Each of the seats have been given special attention for quality animation choices.  The sofa has 62 singles and 18 couple sets.  The ottoman has 22 singles & 7 couple sets while the Gothic bench seat has 26 single sits.  All the animations range from simple sits, lays, lounges, to cuddles, kisses and more.  There is an entire fireplace set to collect, along with matching furniture, candelabra stands, birdcage, area rugs, curtains.  Great attention was given to the details and texturing of each piece using vintage velvets, dark woods, stone, glass, and metals for an overall luxurious look.  This stylish, cohesive collection is perfect for haunted houses, Gothic spaces, Halloween spaces, party setups, roleplay and fantasy areas.  

Find your dark side!        
       Event Hunt Gift

Find our hunt rose!


Lighting & Decor

 ** During the event, our items are 50% to 70% off per pack upto L$300, except full sets (will be $150 to $975 after the event) and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.


Also make your way over to the RIDE and HAUNTED HOUSE at the SWANK location !!! Just follow the bloody footprints and ENTER IF YOU DARE !!!  Be sure to find all the hunt roses at both locations too!

New Group Gift at Shutter Field

A high quality store offering outdoor and garden mesh decor and furniture, as well as some indoor decor items and original mesh.


Shutter Field has a new group gift and new collaborative sets for Tres Chic.

Planters seem to be a popular group gift so we have these 2 barrel planters with flowers as our group gift this month.  They are in store now.

For the October round of Tres Chic Shutter Field and Decor Junction have collaborated again to create these original mesh lake / beach docks and double lounger chairs.   The double lounger chairs are very low LI and sit 2 single avatars or a couple.   There are 2 versions of the lake dock.

 Lounger available in various texture colours.

Friday, October 21, 2016

New from CIRCA

It's Getting Crazy!

The new round of GENRE has started and we have a fun set of items for you to take a peek at as part of the HP Lovecraft theme.  Also we are in the latest enMESHed hunt with a fun "Dia de Muertos" room set for you to find!  See below for all the deets!


   @ GENRE
       Theme: HP. Lovecraft
       Oct 15 - Nov 12

"Cthulhu in the Sea" Fantasy Collection ~

Bring some imagination to your space with our new pieces full of fantasy and vintage appeal.  If you are a Lovecraft fan, these pieces are perfect for Halloween or all year round.  The Cthuhlu leather embossed seating have 12 sit animations each for both the ladies and gents.  The wheel light and table candles have on/off functions on touch.  Surprise your guests with some tantalizing tentacle designs!  
      In Greens

Also available in purples.

 Great as a gift since all the pieces are transfer!

     ** During the event, our items are $50 to $100 per pack (will be $100 to $450 after the event) and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.


      enMESHed "Into Fall Hunt" 2016 !
      Oct 15 - Nov 15th

We are in the enMESHed grid wide hunt again this year for the fall season and did something perfect for Halloween or even all year long.  Take your chance and see if you can find it!


Find the prize at our mainstore for free!

Hint found in the entrance of our store:

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sale Items at Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Sale items, event exclusives and two new hunts are starting!

*SSW - all items on sale for 99L$ 

New Release Chair