Saturday, September 10, 2016

Loads of New at CIRCA


We've been busy over the weeks, getting new items ready for you!  For the fall season, as part of the the first round of BUY NOW Bi-Weekly event on Marketplace, we have the "Algonquin Outdoors" fall sitting sets as part of our expanding outdoor collection.  Also, at the SWANK event, we have a new cozy collection of living room items for you, in all kinds of colours.  Then finally, we have our fun TWISTED Hunt Prize for all of you, YES ALL! muahahah, to find at the store & our latest group gift for CIRCA members!  Don't miss these deals & great finds - see below!  

@ BUY NOW ~ Bi Weekly
       Find on the Marketplace
       Sept 9 - 22

"Algonquin Outdoors" Fall Sets ~

Perfect in the autumn season as part of the new BUY NOW Bi-Weekly Event. Get cozy up to a fire while sitting in the great outdoors, smelling the fresh cool air and newly fallen leaves. The adirondack chairs come with 6 animations each (male & female positions) and 9 fabrics choices you can change on touch. For extra decorating we have included 2 pumpkin grouping, 1 has a chirping bird and the other with lit lantern. There is also a bonus sitting stump included in your package with some fun sitting animations. These are perfect for your backyard, outdoor deck, near a forest clearing, autumn setups & more.

     Outdoor Sets ~

Also available in Walnut and Light.

** During the Marketplace event round, our items are discounted 50% Off and exclusive.  Demos areat our mainstore to try out the animations for the seating.  

         You can find many other autumn decoration options from other collection at our mainstore as well.


       Open theme this round
       Sept 7 - 30

"Juniper Ridge" Room Collection ~ 

In the spirit of autumn, we are introducing a new cozy furniture series for your rooms to enjoy all the colours in which the season brings.  The colour theme we chose for this collection was 4 deep hues including: plum, navy, burgundy, & teal accompanied by cherry woods.  The main piece is the bench which has 78 single positions for the ladies and gents, along with 18 synchronized couple sets using the best quality animations.  Also the chairs as part of the table sitting set, have 10 animations each, all different per chair (30 in total).  For added style we included decor pieces, such as the functional wall clock, picture ladder for your personal pics, wall shelf, and loads of area rugs.  We have divided the collection in small sets for easier purchasing and mix & match colour options.  Perfect for any relaxed setting.  

If you are a member of our in-world CIRCA group or would like to be, we have a ladder set as group gift.  It offers 2 other colours & is copy / modify!  They have some pretty fall leaf images already included.

Sofa Benches
      with 114 animations

Furniture & Decor

Rugs come in a variety of styles and colours.

** During the event items are deeply discounted: the benches are discounted 65% Off while our other items are 30% - 55% Off and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.


   @ Fall 2016 Twisted Hunt 
       Theme & Colour: Divination / Blue
       Sept 1 - 30
       Where: find our prize at the mainstore!

We have been in a few of these Twisted hunts over the years and they are always amazing and super hard (for many if you don't cheat!..hehe).  So, it had been a long time coming, something I had really wanted to make over the years... so here is our first version of a fortune teller set you can find as our sneaky prize LOL !  There is an end game to this hunt if you finish it, so even more prizes for those super hunters!!

I will be moving this prize around, so good luck!

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