Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dreaming at CIRCA

Look into the Light!

Today we have for you some new lighting designs as part of our "Dreamer" and "Festival" Art Light collection we started earlier in the summer.  It's always nice to brighten up a room with some unique pieces.  So for our release at SaNaRae this month, we have some creative designs for you to check out.  See pics and info below for all the details! 

   @ SaNaRae
       Aug 25 - Sept 18

"Dreamer" & "Festival" Art Light Collection ~

It had been awhile since we had brought out an entire lighting collection.  Definitely one of my favourite things to design.  In this collection you will find fun, creative light art that can be used for your walls, floors, ceilings and even outdoors.  Some of these pieces have custom scripting to create lighting glitter effects.  Totally tintable and resizable.  They are a great way to fill in spaces by creating personal and unique patterns.  They work well for spaces in homes, stores, parties, holiday events, weddings, clubs and other types of event venues. 

Bring some light into your life!

      100% Original Mesh

These are copy & modify.   

      Great as a gift since all the pieces are transfer!

     ** During the event, our items are discounted at 35% Off and exclusive.  Demos are on site to view their lighting.

        More designs as part of this collection can be found at our mainstore.  

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