Saturday, July 2, 2016

Super Stuff at Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Hi everybody! Time to celebrate the weekend with deals and more HERE.

Super Sales Weekend

New released *Harry* Benches with Star themed pillows on sale for 99 L$.  Available in three wood colors, for two sitters and 26 female and male animations.

*More new stuff!

The *Harry* Bench is available in more versions, a few examples

*Harry* Crates with lights, books and a nice cup of tea

*Recently released

Use as single decor item or - build a unique fence with the elements you like! Undecorated versions are available in all fence colors too.

*Midsummer Night`s Dream Hunt

The hunt is on and here`s my gift :)

*Group gift

Just in case you didn´t know - there`s a cute little chair available, don´t forget to grab it!

Love and peace from Carlotta :)

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