Monday, July 25, 2016

Retreat to Shutter Field

NEW RELEASES at shutter field

We have something for summer and something for child avatars this weekend with all new items being on sale for the weekend.

OUr group 50L item this weekend is this Summer Retreat (Basic).  This is a nice low LI build spacious, light and room for you to decorate yourself.    

 We also have a version that comes with a built in bench with sits for up to 5 avatars.    This version is LI 13 and will be half price for the weekend (23 - 24 July).

We also have something for child avatars with these cute beach chairs.  They are LI 2 each and the cushions are texture change.  We have included cute sits for boy and girl avatars.

These sets will be half price for this weekend  23 - 24 July.

Also in green and blue.

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