Saturday, July 30, 2016



The upcoming round of The Gacha Garden is incredible! Many fabulous brands created such wonderful things! A boom of creativity!

Our gacha prizes are a fun FLOAT SKI to ride! There are nine to play for, 7 commons and 2 rares. The rare versions have two seats to enjoy the fun with a friend. It’s scripted with custom pose, sound FX and a particle water trail.

Oh!!! It's The Gacha Garden BDay Round, sooooo lots of gifts just for you!

More info here.

Event STARTS on August 01st


* SaNaRae EVENT *

First time in SaNarae! Yeyyyyyyy! and we wanted to start big!!!!!
This cool Caravan is fully decorated with a hippie/boho style and fully interactive! Come and check today, It's a magic place!

Available in 5 colors

Check more info here.

Taxi for the event.

This is an exclusive release for SANARAE event from July 25th to August 18th.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Lounging at Shutter Field


Shutter Field has new loungers as our 50L group item this weekend -  29 - 31 July.   These loungers have single and couples animations, texture change cushions and are low land impact.   They will go up to full price after the weekend.

Also in rustic.

CIRCA at the Beach

Life's at Ease with an Ocean Breeze!

Just for fun we have created a new collection of items for the summer with all kinds of great pieces to decorate your beach areas.  It's all in one gacha, so it's easy to collect and play.  It includes various seashell clusters, starfish, beach chairs, beach fences, nautical pole piles, cute beach signs and more.  Find this at our main store!

"Beach Drifter" - Gacha Collection!

 Find it here (at our main tp point)

L$ 50  per play

     6 RARES & 18 Commons - 24 in ALL
     ~ Chairs come with 20 animations & 4 textures via touch menu.
     ~ Sandcastle comes with 3 beach animations, including making sandcastle anim.
     ~ Beach fences - Part A & B - made to link-up end to end for longer lengths.

     All transferable

     ♡ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ♡

Monday, July 25, 2016

Retreat to Shutter Field

NEW RELEASES at shutter field

We have something for summer and something for child avatars this weekend with all new items being on sale for the weekend.

OUr group 50L item this weekend is this Summer Retreat (Basic).  This is a nice low LI build spacious, light and room for you to decorate yourself.    

 We also have a version that comes with a built in bench with sits for up to 5 avatars.    This version is LI 13 and will be half price for the weekend (23 - 24 July).

We also have something for child avatars with these cute beach chairs.  They are LI 2 each and the cushions are texture change.  We have included cute sits for boy and girl avatars.

These sets will be half price for this weekend  23 - 24 July.

Also in green and blue.

New at *CHEZ MOI*


Tips to enjoy the summer: Call your friends, have a barbecue and spend the day at the pool.


Or for a closer look, visit our main store inworld

Lounging at Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Hi everybody! Right for summertime I've released the *Aloha* Lounge chairs with matching table and torches - enjoy beach life!

Home Whimsy Events - Backyard Tropics

The new round is on, from 16. to 30. July.  All new releases and 30% off regular price during the event.

*Aloha* Lounge chairs ( 20 female & male animations ), a matching table with cloth and starfish decoration and Tiki Torches ( fire can be turned on and off ).

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Urban Industrial at Shutter Field6


We have new industrial  / urban style home and garden items as our new release.  This first set includes an ottoman with sits, a coffee table with decor and a welcome easel.  

They are all mod and copy, low LI and out in store now.   :)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mixing It Up at *CHEZ MOI*

This is item is not a new release but it's with 50% off at the mainstore for the Mix Event :) 

Adult and PG versions

Open Date: July 01st
End Date: July 31st

Midsummer at CIRCA

Midsummer Night Dreaming.....

Today begins the first day of the unique Indie Teepee Festival for it's 2nd year.  We were really excited when asked to participate because it's a very well thought out festival for SL peeps to have an amazing experience.  It celebrates theatre, art, dance, and music with the loosely inspired Shakespearean theme of "Midsummer Night’s Dream" in modern day.  At the event you will find our booth with a few fun things to get you started in your magical journey.

       July 8 - July 24

To add to the idea of the theme "Midsummer Night’s Dream", we designed a floral forest swing set with whimsical flair.  In a multitude of variations, these swings can be used for a simple prop or as an addition to an outdoor setup.  There are details of flowers, ribbons, ivy, vines, and small lights spiraling down the ropes on the ornate versions.  If you want a version without flowers, long or short, we have those added to the set as well.  Each swing comes with a variety of animations for the ladies and gents, 34 in total.  Also, the swings actually do swing on touch.  They are the perfect idea for festivals, weddings, roleplay, resorts, or getaway builds.

      2 packs available - 5 Colour or Ivory Flowers 
      100% Original Mesh      

These are copiable      

Also we love doing lighting, so here are a few unique designs to use for your walls or floors.  They can be used singly or in combination to create some cool patterns.  The glitter trail can be repeated to create a longer version of itself.  Here you go......       
      100% Original Mesh 

 These are copy & modify.   
    ** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beach Blowout Sale at The Mustard Seed

Get your beach on with this GREAT July 4th sale!
50 - 75% off normal prices

♥  Individual beach items ONLY 10 - 75L$
♥  Discount set 1 (5 items) a 400L$ value only 138L$
♥  Discount set 2 (7 items) a 600L$ value only 200L$
♥  Plus our best selling flamingo, beach bucket and doghouse
     series 50% off

Items can be bought individually too.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Camping Time at Serenity Style

Serenity Style is sponsoring the new amazing event "The Crossroads"
For this first edition we have made a cute gacha collection for camping that included as rare a complete caravan with 4 different themes textures.

The event is open now so you can grab your items here !!

What's New at CIRCA?

SaNaRae is Here!

We have a new outdoor collection for the summer season.  You can find this at the SaNaRae event among many other terrific designs. 


   @ SaNaRae Event - Round 10
       June 25 - July 18

"KAIU COAST" Outdoor Patio Collection ~

This new furniture collection has a serene, natural feel inspired by some of the best coastal strips around the world.  It's made of materials that work together with the use of weave fabrics, warm woods, various marble, and terracotta clay.  We made light and dark tone versions for the wood colours so you could choose between a beech or teak look.  Ever piece has a colour or pattern changer via touch menu, allowing you to customize your pieces further for a personal setting.  The seating is loaded with quality animations for both the ladies and gents.  The chair even has lay animations that work with the ottoman.  This collection is perfect for a coastal resort, private getaway, island oasis, or summer patio.  You must see the palm frond planters.  They are cute!

   100% Original Mesh 




    ** During the event our items are new and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations. 

   Find our booth here.


   @ Home Whimsy Event
        June 15 - 30

"The View" Studio Sky Build ~

It had been awhile since I had done any skybox designs, so I decided to put a simple one together for the warm months.  It's serene and tranquil in colour with a great open concept to lay out room items.  There are 4 living spaces, with 3 indoor and 1 outdoor patio area.  You'll find each room has 2 windows with scripted blinds. Perfect for the summer!

** During the event, the new build is discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.  
   Find our booth here.

Demo is on our Aurora Vale sim to view.

July at *CHEZ MOI*

Cute Sign, perfect for yards, beaches, gardens or any outdoor area.

The sign will be available July 1st!



In July, group members get this Lounge for couples FREE. It's Summer Time! 

Available July 1st!

Activate the GROUP DISCOUNT tag to get 15% discount at all purchase in Caspervend vendor all over CHEZ MOI in-world CHEZ MOI store.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Paddling Time at Shutter Field

We have cool new beach items for release with these beachcomber canoes.   These canoes have a cute single singles and couples cuddle animations. The throw  / towel is texture change.  It is mod & copy and a land impact of 5.

This new release is our group 50L item for this weekend and will be available for 3 days over the long weekend in the US and Canada, from 2 - 4 July.

Super Stuff at Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Hi everybody! Time to celebrate the weekend with deals and more HERE.

Super Sales Weekend

New released *Harry* Benches with Star themed pillows on sale for 99 L$.  Available in three wood colors, for two sitters and 26 female and male animations.

*More new stuff!

The *Harry* Bench is available in more versions, a few examples

*Harry* Crates with lights, books and a nice cup of tea

*Recently released

Use as single decor item or - build a unique fence with the elements you like! Undecorated versions are available in all fence colors too.

*Midsummer Night`s Dream Hunt

The hunt is on and here`s my gift :)

*Group gift

Just in case you didn´t know - there`s a cute little chair available, don´t forget to grab it!

Love and peace from Carlotta :)