Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stop at Lumiere

At Lumiere we are always trying to keep things fun.  Sent my crack team of buyers out to scour the country roads of anything we might be able to fix up a little bit for your enjoyment.
OH, just a little note to the State of Kentucky.  You miiiight want to have your people check to see if there are any old stops signs still left on your country roads.  Just sayin.
So here is a little item for your home, man cave, actual cave, hut, tent, castle, villa, ranch, farm, drug house, or anywhere else you might call your own.  Hell, you can even stick it on a pole and use it as an actual stop sign.  Now multiple uses.    AND IT'S CHEAP!  Drop by and pick one up today.  It is copyable, and modifiable.  Not transferable though.

And I hope everybody in the good ole US of A has a wonderful Memorial Day.  Remember our fallen who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect this great nation.


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