Monday, May 23, 2016

Special Vibe at CIRCA

Feel the Vibe!

New this week, we have a whole retro room collection in striking colours and patterns to please the eye.  It's been awhile but we always love designing some retro pieces from time to time.  This was originally made for Color Me Project but I was unable to release at the event due to a trip taken.  So for 1 week the new collection is 50% Off - until May 29th in the main store.

"VIBE" Retro Living Collection ~

This collection is a retro throwback with modern flair in colour combinations, patterns and fabrics.  Great for both feminine and masculine tastes wanting to make a statement.  It's vintage, loungy, and bold.  

   Chairs & Sofas

6 combination menu

Also in Charcoal and Gold

6 combination menu

Also in Lust and Gold.

TV Stand

Lighting, Art & Decor

Touch Lighting 

Also in Charcoal and Gold

Also in "Outward" and "Electric Waves".

Also in Retro Solids, B&W Patterns 1 and B&W Patterns 2.

Once again, quite a bit of time was taken to put all the animations together for the seating.  The sofa has 72 quality single animations and 16 couple sets while the chairs have 18 animations each, all different (36 total).  The animations range from simple sits, chatting, reading, drinking to single lounge lays and couple's cuddles or kisses.  We made a special edition version of both the sofa and chairs, so you have the option of getting 2-tone versions combining the series colours: Lust, Gold, & Charcoal (for a total of 6 combinations with the seat-back and cushion).  There is a TV stand to go with these with a simple touch menu to access some fun images of aquatic fish scenes or burning fire logs.  To fill out your room, we added in cool lighting options for the ceiling and floor with our pendant lights and optical wire light stand.  Also there are wall art pieces, decor vases, and area rugs to mix and match, helping to create your own styled dramatic room.  The "Vibe" collection is perfect for living rooms, club or entertainment spaces, and commercial areas.

       Find it at our inside entrance.

SALE for this Week! 

     ** All packages are 50% Off until May 29th.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in seating.    

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