Friday, May 13, 2016

Cafe Volo at CIRCA

Time to Have a Party!

We are getting into that part of the season where people come together to have parties for weddings, holidays, warm weather get-togethers, & other celebrations.  So we have a new series of items for the occasion at this month's SWANK!
See below for the pics and details.  Enjoy your shopping!

       May 7 - 31

"Café Volo" Series ~
For this month's SWANK, we put together many café pieces that can be mixed and matched for sitting sets and signage.  The style can be used for either a coffee house or bar setup (or both) with all the right colourations.  Each tall table and stool set are loaded with café quality animations for drinking, eating, chatting, reading, listening to music, stands and various sits for the ladies and gents.  Each stool seat has 16+ animations and each table has 15 stand animations.  We also spent quite a bit of time setting up the appropriate auto rez props to match the animations.  These props auto rez for your hands or in-world as you use certain anims in the sitting menus.  This is via the touch menu as you sit in the tall stool seats or use the tables.  Just for a little touch, there are matching flower & food shakers for centre pieces.  The Café Volo sets are the perfect idea for cafe and bar room setups, celebrations, or even your personal kitchen as you spend some time with family and friends. 

   Tall Table & Stool Sets - 9 colour combos

 Neon Signs

  Coffee & Cocktail Chalkboard Signs :
   We have a huge selection of new coffee or cocktail signs to go with this series to fill out your wall spaces.  Drink signs for the ladies, the gents and for everyone, including drink type signs, and opening signs.  Each frame comes with a touch menu to select 7 different types of woods.  These can all be viewed & purchased at SWANK.

** During the event, our items are deeply discounted at more than 50% Off for the new exclusives.  Everything is L$300 and below.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in seating.

   For more of a selection on cafe / bar sitting sets - visit our 2 sims (mainstore and 2nd store) and Marketplace (  Our Marketplace:  search term "cafe")

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