Monday, May 30, 2016

New House from Greymoon Designs

Latest release in Greymoon Designs

Sienna House

Here's an elegant blend of traditional and modern home. 
This two story house have 3 rooms plus the master bedroom. Large loft with view over the living room and the elegant stair case. Balcony with view in the front of the house.
Open space terrace surrounds the outdoors.
Plants and trees included.

This home is 33 x 22 size and 186 prims/land impact.

For best view of the indoors lights please enable the advanced lightning in your preferences.

Please see demo in world.

Crated at GOOSE

NEW Mainstore / MP release
GOOSE - Crate garden set
Litle garden coffee corner builded from old wooden crates.
Decorative coffee set included.
9 Colors included.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stop at Lumiere

At Lumiere we are always trying to keep things fun.  Sent my crack team of buyers out to scour the country roads of anything we might be able to fix up a little bit for your enjoyment.
OH, just a little note to the State of Kentucky.  You miiiight want to have your people check to see if there are any old stops signs still left on your country roads.  Just sayin.
So here is a little item for your home, man cave, actual cave, hut, tent, castle, villa, ranch, farm, drug house, or anywhere else you might call your own.  Hell, you can even stick it on a pole and use it as an actual stop sign.  Now multiple uses.    AND IT'S CHEAP!  Drop by and pick one up today.  It is copyable, and modifiable.  Not transferable though.

And I hope everybody in the good ole US of A has a wonderful Memorial Day.  Remember our fallen who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect this great nation.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

New at Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Hi everybody! Have you been to the Gallery's new home yet? I´ve a bunch of new releases, 60L weekends sales are out and don´t miss to explore the rest of our lovely new sim :)

*60L weekends - on sale this weekend! New releases, I've been baking some cupcakes...

*More new stuff!

*Belle* couches with two or three seats and lots of animations.  Available in three colors with matching tables, crate seats and accessories. 

Also in Blue and Grey.

*Adele* Pergola light & dark. Something for your garden or porch!

*Group gift

Just in case you didn´t know - there`s a cute little chair available, don´t forget to grab it!

Love and peace from Carlotta :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

New Location for The Mustard Seed

beginning April 28, 2016


 NEWS!!  NEW!!  NEWS!!
♥ Sixty Lindens Weekend Sales

♥ TWO (2) Group Gifts

♥ Home Whimsy Gift

♥ Gachas

  ♥ Sixty Linden Weekends ♥

Sale:  60L$
Normally:  250L$
If bought separately:  300L$



Great with the "menu-driven retro garden party table & chairs"

Garden & bridge in one!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Special Vibe at CIRCA

Feel the Vibe!

New this week, we have a whole retro room collection in striking colours and patterns to please the eye.  It's been awhile but we always love designing some retro pieces from time to time.  This was originally made for Color Me Project but I was unable to release at the event due to a trip taken.  So for 1 week the new collection is 50% Off - until May 29th in the main store.

"VIBE" Retro Living Collection ~

This collection is a retro throwback with modern flair in colour combinations, patterns and fabrics.  Great for both feminine and masculine tastes wanting to make a statement.  It's vintage, loungy, and bold.  

   Chairs & Sofas

6 combination menu

Also in Charcoal and Gold

6 combination menu

Also in Lust and Gold.

TV Stand

Lighting, Art & Decor

Touch Lighting 

Also in Charcoal and Gold

Also in "Outward" and "Electric Waves".

Also in Retro Solids, B&W Patterns 1 and B&W Patterns 2.

Once again, quite a bit of time was taken to put all the animations together for the seating.  The sofa has 72 quality single animations and 16 couple sets while the chairs have 18 animations each, all different (36 total).  The animations range from simple sits, chatting, reading, drinking to single lounge lays and couple's cuddles or kisses.  We made a special edition version of both the sofa and chairs, so you have the option of getting 2-tone versions combining the series colours: Lust, Gold, & Charcoal (for a total of 6 combinations with the seat-back and cushion).  There is a TV stand to go with these with a simple touch menu to access some fun images of aquatic fish scenes or burning fire logs.  To fill out your room, we added in cool lighting options for the ceiling and floor with our pendant lights and optical wire light stand.  Also there are wall art pieces, decor vases, and area rugs to mix and match, helping to create your own styled dramatic room.  The "Vibe" collection is perfect for living rooms, club or entertainment spaces, and commercial areas.

       Find it at our inside entrance.

SALE for this Week! 

     ** All packages are 50% Off until May 29th.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in seating.    

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Beautiful Bridges at *CHEZ MOI*


May 22th starts a brand new round of LOST&FOUND with lots of exclusives and vintage releases.

Check what CHEZ MOI created for you:

More info HERE.

Blended at Serenity Style

One of the things I love about Serenity Style is the variety of fabulous home and garden items that Hans offers as well as the wonderful ease with which you can match things that aren't necessarily made to go together but work anyway.

As an example of this I have items from four different sets from Serenity Style which are all on offer around SL at the moment.  I set up one to do photos and then another in separate part of the room, then realised that they will work together.  That made me wonder what else I could put in and blend together.

This is the result:

Hot Air Balloons:  Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons (Whimsical)
2 Chairs, Table with Accessories:  Criisti Set (Tres Chic)
Sofa and Table with Accessories:  Marta Coastal Sofa and Table (LTD:  The Event)
Puf, Table, Plant, Candle, and Wall Frames:  Bring it to me gacha (The Liaison Collaborative)

Mystery Group Item at Shutter Field

The next mystery group item for 50L is now available at Shutter Field - for the weekend 21 - 22 May

If you like home and garden builds and surprises, this is your chance to get items worth 200L + for 50L, but only for the weekend.  :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Musical at What Next

Love this music inspired set from what next at Collabor88.  The guitar case sign is a must have for any club in my opinion.  Can change the wording to suit the moment which is very handy.

And the hanging guitar decor will add flavour to any wall whether at home or in a music venue!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tres Chic at*CHEZ MOI*


Coming Soon!!!! Special round of TRES CHIC - Anniversary Round!! Lots of wonderful creations and Great Gifts for you! 
From May 17th to June 10th
Come and check our exclusive and new release (PG and Adult version):

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Coffee at CIRCA

I am enjoying all the coffee-related items of late and I have another one for you today, although this one could just as easily work in a bar.

The chairs, table and shakers with flowers all come from CIRCA and are part of the 'Cafe Volo" set at SWANK.  This particular set is in Teak and Red but you can also find it in 8 other colour combos.

"Each tall table and stool set are loaded with café quality animations for drinking, eating, chatting, reading, listening to music, stands and various sits for the ladies and gents.  Each stool seat has 16+ animations and each table has 15 stand animations. "

There are also two signs you can grab:  the Neon Coffee Sign (as shown) and the Neon Bar Sign.  Both come in different colours.

BIG News from The Mustard Seed

NEWS!!  NEW!!  NEWS!! 

♥ Bring on Summer Hunt!
         May 1 - 22, 2016

♥ Super Sales Weekend Sales

♥ Home Whimsy Gift

♥ Gachas


 ♥ Bring on Summer Hunt ♥
            1 L$      

Mother cat and kitten curl up beside a potted tomato plant while a nervous Finch looks on.

___________________________________________________________________________________♥ Super Sales Weekend ♥

♥ Home Whimsy Gift ♥ 


           ♥ Gachas ♥ 


Friday, May 13, 2016

Cafe Volo at CIRCA

Time to Have a Party!

We are getting into that part of the season where people come together to have parties for weddings, holidays, warm weather get-togethers, & other celebrations.  So we have a new series of items for the occasion at this month's SWANK!
See below for the pics and details.  Enjoy your shopping!

       May 7 - 31

"Café Volo" Series ~
For this month's SWANK, we put together many café pieces that can be mixed and matched for sitting sets and signage.  The style can be used for either a coffee house or bar setup (or both) with all the right colourations.  Each tall table and stool set are loaded with café quality animations for drinking, eating, chatting, reading, listening to music, stands and various sits for the ladies and gents.  Each stool seat has 16+ animations and each table has 15 stand animations.  We also spent quite a bit of time setting up the appropriate auto rez props to match the animations.  These props auto rez for your hands or in-world as you use certain anims in the sitting menus.  This is via the touch menu as you sit in the tall stool seats or use the tables.  Just for a little touch, there are matching flower & food shakers for centre pieces.  The Café Volo sets are the perfect idea for cafe and bar room setups, celebrations, or even your personal kitchen as you spend some time with family and friends. 

   Tall Table & Stool Sets - 9 colour combos

 Neon Signs

  Coffee & Cocktail Chalkboard Signs :
   We have a huge selection of new coffee or cocktail signs to go with this series to fill out your wall spaces.  Drink signs for the ladies, the gents and for everyone, including drink type signs, and opening signs.  Each frame comes with a touch menu to select 7 different types of woods.  These can all be viewed & purchased at SWANK.

** During the event, our items are deeply discounted at more than 50% Off for the new exclusives.  Everything is L$300 and below.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in seating.

   For more of a selection on cafe / bar sitting sets - visit our 2 sims (mainstore and 2nd store) and Marketplace (  Our Marketplace:  search term "cafe")

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dinner Time at Shutter Field

Check out this gorgeous upcycled door dinner table & chairs from shutter field.  I have thrown some goodies on top to show you my dining habits, but you could decorate this any way you want.  Perfect for outdoor or indoor dining.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mystery at Shutter Field

Starting 7 May I will have a mystery box for sale for 50L to the store group.   The box will contain mystery items from the store, valued at 200L+.     

So, if you like surprises and good quality home and garden builds, each weekend you can TP to Shutter Field and get one or more of our builds for 50L only.    The offer is ONLY on the weekends and the items will change each weekend.

The first box is out now until Sunday evening 7 - 8 May.

Flying About with *CHEZ MOI*

This is my exclusive Gacha for Spring Round of THE GACHA GARDEN!

♥ Wearable Ultralight Planes

- Exclusive for Gacha Garden -
Open Date: May 1st
End Date: May 30th

Here some information about the event.



Seeds of inspiration are NOT won by chance, they are earned by the players. The only way a player can receive a “Seed of Inspiration” is to play the creators machine at least 20 times. They will receive it once every 20 pulls.