Friday, April 22, 2016

CIRCA Around the Grid

Find Spring in Vintage Style

Lately we have been in the mood to create vintage designs to help decorate your spaces with all kinds of lovely things.  We are are in both the Black Fashion Fair right now with the focus on black and this round of GENRE with a Belle Époque theme.  Also for the ladies, we made a collection of 4 gifts for you to find across the grid.  YES, just for you!  See below for all our pics and details.  Enjoy your shopping for all the pretties!

      April 15- 29

"Belladonna" Vanity Sets & Arcadia Hall Set ~
As with all our vanity collections, we made sure to put a lot of detail into each compact set.  So you get the most from your items.  Each vanity set comes with a table and stool seat loaded with beauty animations, matching props and ladies sits.  Also they come with a few decor pieces: a makeup set, hair brush & lipstick, beauty brush kit, & BONUS makeup bag!  To add to the luxury, we made some matching curtains, hall table / mirror set combination, & orchid flower vase.  All were made as exclusives for the event.

Full Vanity Sets

Also in Violet.

Long Curtains - Damask Style

Also in Violet and Smoke

Hall Table & Mirror Set 

Direct LM to our booth is HERE.

    ** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off for the new and exclusive colours.  Past release items are 25% Off.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in seating.


GIFTS from CIRCA! ~ Around the Grid

We did a few decor makeup bags that go great with our new vanities at the Black Fashion Fair.  You can find these for free or L$1, depending on which location.

@ Black Fashion Fair - Event GIFT (Also to purchase in Azure, Crimson and Cranberry)


   @ GENRE ~ Belle Époque
      April 15- May 12

"La Belle Époque"

This was the term used for the styles that occurred between 1871 to 1914, beofre the outbreak of World War I changed history.  It was the Era of the Beautiful.  So to pay homage to the period's interior design, we put together a few statement pieces focusing on styling, materials, and colour.  The stand mirrors have 4 quality animations for the ladies with props to match, depending on the pose chosen.  How fancy is that!  Treat yourself to a few nice pieces at event pricing and bring yourself back in time.

   Vintage Dresser / Cabinets

Also in Mahogany and Cream & Golden.

 Vintage Wall Mirrors

Also in Mahogany and Cream & Golden.

 Vintage Stand Mirrors

Also in Mahogany and Cream & Golden - 4 animations with auto hand props!

  Glass Orchid Vases

Also in Fushia.

     ** Full sets will be sold after the event is done.  During the event, our items are discounted at L$100 or less for the new and exclusive colours.  Demo is on site to try out the animations in the stand mirror item.

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