Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Designs at CIRCA

Lots of New Spring Items this Week!

We've been busy in the past days, preparing all kinds of new items for playful spring releases.  If you are looking for some indoor / outdoor furnishings & decor, we have a few at The Wash event sale and at our store.  In the spirit of "Luck of the Irish" we have a whole new gatcha at the LOTI event held by Depraved and some new furniture pieces at SWANK.  If you love greens and other colours to compliment, come by and check these out!  Even more can be found at Color Me Project!  Also we are in hunt called "LovePink" which runs until tomorrow but I'll be leaving the gift out until the end of the month.  Lastly, a few items have been shifted to the 2nd sim store from previous events for purchase.  

@ The Wash - Spring Freshness Event
        Mar 16 - 30th

Also in yellow and purple.

 Have 10 frame colours on touch!

All our booth items are L$10 with the exception of one item at L$50. 

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