Friday, March 4, 2016

New at CIRCA

Spring is Coming!

Winter is not over, I know (I'm still feeling it) but we have lots of designs this release to get you into the mood for spring.  Once again, we're at the Home & Garden Expo for 2016 with all kinds of goodies (our 7th one).  Also, we have a few new items at Color Me Project for the spring season in all sorts of pastel colours for mixing and matching.  See below for all the pics and info.

        Feb 14 - Mar 6
Event Gift ~

RFL Items ~

* These items are copiable.  All proceeds from these charity items go to Relay For Life to help raise funds for Cancer research & associated costs.  

NEW Release! ~ "Bon Vivant" Garden Café Sets

These café sets were made with versatility in mind.  There are so many colour choices for spring with these.  Basically you have the ability to change the chair metal, seat cushions, table metal, table glass, flower pot, and the flowers themselves.  So 6 separate menus to offer lots of options in your personal look (with owner only access).  In each pack you get 2 chairs with 12 animations each (all different - 24 in all), 1 table with flowers, & 1 without to vary land impact.  These sets are copiable as well.  Perfect for an elegant outdoor patio look in spring hues.

    Colour Frames

Also in solids and foil colour frames.

Basic Frames

Also in foil and floral basic frames.

50% OFF

For this weekend, everything at our booth is for 50% Off....yes on everything besides the RFL items.  So if there were some designs you wanted in the past, this is the time to scoop them up.   This includes the new "Bon Vivant" release. 

Come take a look & enjoy the expo.


   @ Color Me Project ~ Sweetness / Pastels Round
        Feb 25 - Mar 5th

"Jolie" Spring Collection ~
All pretty in pastels is what this new collection is about.  Lots of colour combinations to mix and match your cabinets with fun seating.  Each ottoman comes with 20 quality sit animations.  Detailed with spring leaves & polka dots ....totally girly!   

   Also in Delight, Blossom and Meadow.

Also in Aqua, Violet, Green and Yellow.

** During the event, our items are discounted at 25% Off for the new and an exclusive colours.  Past release items are 50% Off.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in seating.   

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