Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cot Time at Lumiere

We all have had those friends that come over, get drunk, pass out, and then YOU are left with where can they sleep it off besides in the middle of floor.  We have the solution.  Lumiere is proud to present the old fashion solution.   The ever popular Army cot.  Yep, thats the one.
Stores easily, easy set up, and if they puke their guts out all over it, easy to clean.  Just hose it off outside (with alot of bleach).  This one has 2 female and 2 male sleep animations.  They are pretty much uni though.
And lets not forget those that love the outdoors!  Great for those camping trips into the wild and wooly outdoors of SL.  It also is great for those with very small homes or shacks to live in.
In fact, the cot is out in the Swamp Shack at my store.  Just look for the building that looks like the swamp creature might live in it.

Anyway, its priced dirt cheap.  Drop by and take a peek.  Try it out.  Sorry to all the perverts out there.  These are single animations.  SO NO BANGIN PIXELS POSSIBLE.  At least on the cot.  You will have to wait till the next adult version of it comes out.

Here is a sneak peek at it!   

And here is your transport to Lumiere!

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