Wednesday, March 30, 2016

News from *CHEZ MOI*


Only 3 days (April 1st, 2nd and 3rd) all the inworld store up to 50% OFF (Gachas not included)

Enjoy the season!!!


The Homestuff created a hunt at the stores. This allows you to explore all wonderful items in each one and get lovely gifts! So… get ready!

The Hunt Item to be found will be a Homestuff T-Shirt and inside it you’ll find your freebie and the LM for the next store. Lots of big brands and awesome freebies made with love for you!

Check what CHEZ MOI designed for you:

♥ Event STARTS on 01st April

♥ Event ENDS on 30th April

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter at *CHEZ MOI*

We wish you all a Easter full of joy and love!!! <3



Ibiza Beach on Marketplace

Cot Time at Lumiere

We all have had those friends that come over, get drunk, pass out, and then YOU are left with where can they sleep it off besides in the middle of floor.  We have the solution.  Lumiere is proud to present the old fashion solution.   The ever popular Army cot.  Yep, thats the one.
Stores easily, easy set up, and if they puke their guts out all over it, easy to clean.  Just hose it off outside (with alot of bleach).  This one has 2 female and 2 male sleep animations.  They are pretty much uni though.
And lets not forget those that love the outdoors!  Great for those camping trips into the wild and wooly outdoors of SL.  It also is great for those with very small homes or shacks to live in.
In fact, the cot is out in the Swamp Shack at my store.  Just look for the building that looks like the swamp creature might live in it.

Anyway, its priced dirt cheap.  Drop by and take a peek.  Try it out.  Sorry to all the perverts out there.  These are single animations.  SO NO BANGIN PIXELS POSSIBLE.  At least on the cot.  You will have to wait till the next adult version of it comes out.

Here is a sneak peek at it!   

And here is your transport to Lumiere!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lumiere is Back

After a brief hiatus from SL, Lumiere is back.  And to re-introduce Lumiere to you, I have a brand new offering.  Its cute, its small, and easy on the eyes.  
Oh, drop by if for nothing eles a free gift of one of my more popular items from the past.

If you have or are thinking of opening a small store, I have just the thing for you.  Its a small retaill shop based on a country ranch style house.  It fits nicely on a 32x32m plot of land.
In my new location, I use several of them to display my products.

Look forward to seeing you at Lumiere!

nams (namssab1nad piers)

New at *CHEZ MOI*


9 Raft Multiposes to collect (single and couple animations)
2 Rares and 7 commons
Mesh | Transfer
Only L$60

10 Travel Trunk to collect with sweet animations (single and couple poses)
Mesh | Transfer | Modify 
Only L$50

Only L$35 each round


Easter Paint

Marketplace OR 50% OFF at inworld store!

Leeloo Dining Room CHEZ MOI

Leeloo Lemonade Urn



The cute and charming vintage market just started.
Come and check what CHEZ MOI designed just for you!

♥ STARTS on 22th March
♥ ENDS on 01st April

Taxi for the event.

Weekend Sales at The Mustard Seed

>>>> SELECT EASTER ITEMS 50% OFF!!! <<<<


Everything seen is only 1L$

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Taste of All About Home

I have some fab items from two of our All About Home designers today:  Serenity Style and *CHEZ MOI*.

Check out what events these stores are involved in and what they have on offer.

Kitchen:  Serenity Style - Lucy Country Collection (Shiny Shabby)

Serenity Style - Noelia full set (Tres Chic)

Wardrobe:  Serenity Style - Kira Travel Closet (The Fantasy Collective)

Office:  *CHEZ MOI* - Home Office - Nob Hill (Tres Chic) - Armchair not included.

Hunt at *CHEZ MOI*


Today, March 20th, starts THE SPELL HUNT, lots of big brands and awesome freebies made with love for you!

The Hunt item to be found will be a crystal ball and it will be located all around The ionic Spell collective sim.

To find our fabulous item, just follow this hint: Near a parking lot, you have a shot ;)

The hunt object costs only 15L! ❤

♥ STARTS on 20th March
♥ ENDS on 03rd April

Eggs at Free Bird

Easter is just over a week away! If you haven't dyed your eggs yet, do not fear! Introducing the [ free bird ] Dyed Egg Carton Gacha and Free-for-All -- BRAND NEW at the main store! One per avatar every 6 hrs, now thru 11:59 PM SLT 3/21! 10 to win! Or play the gacha to collect them all!These eggs are pre-dyed for a mess-free Easter celebration! The perfect decor for the holiday! 

Spring Designs at CIRCA

Lots of New Spring Items this Week!

We've been busy in the past days, preparing all kinds of new items for playful spring releases.  If you are looking for some indoor / outdoor furnishings & decor, we have a few at The Wash event sale and at our store.  In the spirit of "Luck of the Irish" we have a whole new gatcha at the LOTI event held by Depraved and some new furniture pieces at SWANK.  If you love greens and other colours to compliment, come by and check these out!  Even more can be found at Color Me Project!  Also we are in hunt called "LovePink" which runs until tomorrow but I'll be leaving the gift out until the end of the month.  Lastly, a few items have been shifted to the 2nd sim store from previous events for purchase.  

@ The Wash - Spring Freshness Event
        Mar 16 - 30th

Also in yellow and purple.

 Have 10 frame colours on touch!

All our booth items are L$10 with the exception of one item at L$50. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Home from Cozy Homes

A brand new home from Cozy!  This house was actually built for me to live in.  It's perfect for singles or couples.  A small, open concept home with one bedroom and private bathroom.  My favourite part of the house is the reading nook.  Where I'm sure I will spend many an hour dozing.  :oP

This house is 90 LI and 500L as a release special price.  The rooms are all boxed and marked 50% for the duration of the new release event.

I have also place something in the house, that is free, a little gift, but you have find it.  So make sure to take a good look around.

Hope you stop by and check it out.



Focus on - GOOSE

Today's store focus is GOOSE.  GOOSE is owned by designer, Tyrek and is a store that offers 100% original and unique mesh builds.

The store itself is also unique and the layout makes it fun to wander about and check out all the items on offer.  

And remember, GOOSE also offers quality house builds as well.

Make sure you get on over and check out all the great stuff that GOOSE has to decorate your home and garden areas.

What's New at Shutter Field

NEW RELEASES -  new releases for Tres Chic and a new group gift

Shutter Field has 2 new sets for Tres Chic  (open now) - with an urban chic theme for the event.   The items are discounted by 20% for Tres Chic.

Also in Dark tones.

We also have a new group gift.  My friend Kelly liked the grass planter I did so have done a couple of different versions for the group.   They are available now.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Luck of the Irish at *CHEZ MOI*


It’s a pleasure to announce that CHEZ MOI is at The Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair! It is a SIM WIDE event with tons of AWESOME brands and lovely items to play!

Check our exclusives!

♥ Event STARTS on 13th March
♥ Event ENDS on 27th March

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Mustard Seed Weekend Sales

march 4, 2016

New location, group gift, Perfect 10, hunt, sales!
Plus shop for a cause and cure!

Thanks for taking a peek!
Lavinia Godenot, Owner



Happy St. Patrick's Day!