Sunday, February 21, 2016

CIRCA Events

All the Pretty Things this Week!

It's a great time right now as we get ready for the spring season.  At the moment we have new eye-catching designs at the Color Me Project and the Flower Power Event.  I was really hoping to get these releases out to you all sooner but as technology prevails sometimes it fails too.  I spent a good week having my computer drives wiped, cleaned, & restored.  So it's been good to have my trusty computer back to get back to work and offer you guys new designs in the coming days.  See below for the release info and pics on all the newness.

 @ Color Me Project ~ Anniversary Round
   Designers pick their favourite colour!
   Feb 10 - 20 (you get 1 extra day)

"Myst" Sitting Collection ~
It's a special round of CMP and we picked the colour blue to celebrate.  I love doing the sitting sets as they work with all kinds of spaces and can fit in the smallest of nooks.  This small collection reveals soft fabrics and a beautiful hue.  It's comfortable and modern with a few great accessories to cover your walls and floors as well.  The chair comes with 24 quality sit animations for both the ladies and gents.  The side table is the perfect companion to one or two chairs with all it's fine details.  Think clouds, mist, water and sand.  Come take a look for yourself, sit back and relax.   

Event Gift

     ** During the event, our items are discounted at 25% Off and an exclusive colour.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.  We will be extending the sale from Feb 20th to 29th at our store, since I had computer down time.  The gift will be out as well during this time.

Tomorrow (Feb 20th), these will be in our one display window, near the inside entrance by the store ramp:  


      "Bloom" Room Pieces ~
      @ Flower Power 2016 - Feb 12th to 26th

Get ready for the blooming season in the latest interior fashions with vibrant colours and great prints.  Fun and modern is what we had in mind with these complimentary pieces.  The modern floral bench is perfect for mixing and matching as it has 5 floral colour choices via menu for the pillows and seat.  Then you have 8 base colour choices as well.  It has 26 animations in all.  To match we have floral and solid rug packs to decorate your floors as well as some fun colourful flower wreaths.  Get in the mood for spring with some easy decorating.

Event Gift <---- be sure to pick up our boxed gift at our booth!

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