Saturday, January 9, 2016

New at CIRCA

It's a New Year with New Items!

Well I hope everyone was able to celebrate the holidays in good spirit.  I hope 2016 brings you all some good things in your life.  We have a few new items for The Mix Event with more designs as part of the "WinterWoods" Collection we brought out at Winter Trend in December.  Also a new Regency chair design at GENRE.  See all the pics and details below.

 "WinterWoods" Items for the MIX Event.....
      We are in the "NEW" category this month (January).
"WinterWoods" NEW Packs for Collection ~ 

As part of the new collection we recently released, we created another bench and more pretty decor to mix and match.  The new winter benches are loaded with 56 animations in all; 44 quality single animations for male & female sits and 12 lays for male & female positions.  So there is plenty of variety for finding personal favourites.  The benches also have pretty snowflake details and a soft blink light strand.  To fill out the collection even more, we have also released a cute reindeer duo and winter stick tree packs to match. Besides the deer these packs come in either blue or green hues. It's a great collection for winter outdoor setups, cottages, stores, and other seasonal spaces.
      Benches ~

Also in Frost Blue

Decor ~

Trees also in Winter Greens

 ** See demos on site, nearby our main store landing point.

Extra Info ~
This new event allows shoppers to wear a hud and check out designer's store offerings by category; "Discounted", "New" and "Exclusive".

Free MIX hud on Marketplace

Next Up... GENRE!!

Dec 15 - Jan 12

We did a pile of beautiful fabric chair for the Regency theme in this round of GENRE.

Each chair comes with 32 quality sit animations for male and female positions.  What is unique is each chair comes with a 10 wood texture hud to change the framing to customize the overall look.  This can be accessed through the shadow plate.

12 Colours in All ::

** These chairs are deeply discounted at L$100 each during the event.

     Find our booth and demos HERE


Main "WinterWoods" Collection ~   
This new collection is great for indoor or outdoor seating and decorating.  It includes furnishings and decor to get you in the wintery mood with some rustic touches.  In the benches, there are 22 quality sit and lay animations.  There are many pieces to choose from to mix and match.  The collection comes in 2 colourations, for either a blues or greens.  We also have many other winter collection packs at our event booth.  Have a great holiday!  

     NEW GIFT!.

Full Sets

Also in Jasper Blue

There are many inidividual pieces to this complete collection at the store.

     Find these near our store tp point.

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