Saturday, December 12, 2015

What's New at Shutter Field


Shutter Field and Cozy Homes / Cozy Kids have collaborated together to make an item for an awesome charity event taking place in December.

We have made two kids hang out tents, one for boys and one for girls.    The tents have a great bunch of animations for children to hang out and play, chat etc.

These exclusive items will be auctioned at the Serious Request Event during 12 - 20 December.  There are over 500 items being auctioned to raise money for children who are displaced from their homes because of conflict.     We have all seen the Syrian refugees making their way across Europe this year, many of them coming to a country you may live in.  This event helps to raise money for those children who no longer have a home in their own country. I hope you help out by bidding on something at the auction.  There will be a ton of great items to bid on.  :)

Check out the homepage.

If you are still looking for Christmas items to decorate your home with, shutter field is also taking part in the Christmas Market at 3d Republic.  This is a great little market with tons of Christmas decor items from designers in SL.

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