Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ho Ho Ho from *CHEZ MOI*

HO HO HO!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Our team wishes you a Merry Little Christmas full of peace and love! 




The First Round of Christmas Under The Tree is scheduled to start on December 24th thru December 25th, 2015 with a lineup of designers you know and some you may not know yet!

CHEZ MOI is coming with this awesome North Pole Post Box:

Starts TOMORROW - December 24th HERE.


From 22nd December to 01st January, the Lost & Found event comes with a lot of cute, shabby chic and vintage releases!

Check what CHEZ MOI created for you!

Monday, December 21, 2015

New at Lunar Seasonal Designs

New and on sale for L$50 is a little drum with a mouse.  The mouse occasionally nibbles the drumstick, then run over to the drum and bounces on it for a bit. 
It also has a menu to let you change the textures of the drum.

Grab it HERE.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Seasonal Weather at BOTANICAL

Botanical is happy to announce a new product in the form of an all-in-one Seasonal Rain and Snow Weather System!

The Botanical Seasonal Weather System allows you to add rain and snow effects to your environment for year-round weather enjoyment!

The system comes packaged as a HUD, from which you can easily rez several sizes of weather effects for easy and effective coverage of your land, precisely where you want it.

Weather effects include three levels of rain or snow severity and movement, as well as custom environmental sounds for each level. Available weather options are:

⚫ Clear (weather effects are hidden)
⚫ Light / Medium / Heavy Rain
⚫ Light / Medium / Heavy Snow

The sizes included should cover most typical use:
⚫ 64x64x40 – 9 LI. 64 meters to a side and 40 meters tall. Excellent filler for large low/no traffic areas.
⚫ 20x20x40 – 1 LI. 20 meters to a side and 40 meters tall. Great for medium size areas with higher traffic.
⚫ 10x10x40 – 1 LI. 10 meters to a side and 40 meters tall. A smaller size for more precise weather placement.
⚫ 5x20x40 – 1 LI. 5 meters wide, 20 meters long, 40 meters tall. Good for alleys and against buildings.
⚫ 5x10x40 – 1 LI. 5 meters wide, 10 meters long, 40 meters tall. A good option for surrounding smaller buildings.

Rezzing the controller on your property turns the HUD into a group accessible interface for partners and land managers to change the weather and also unlocks the ability for automatic timed weather changes.

Weather effects are also compatible with the Seasonals V2 controller, allowing you to change the weather from rain to snow as you are changing your landscape!

Check out the online help page and see the available options in detail:

Available now at the Botanical Store (with interactive demo) and the Marketplace.

Botanical New Release Discount Group members get 25% back from their purchase until January 4th when wearing their Botanical group tag and buying at the Botanical main store.

Other News:

Last day for discounts on Seasonal Douglas Fir Trees

Today is the last day for Botanical New Release Discount Group members to get 25% back from their inworld store purchase. Look for the green particle Discount sign at the Botanical store!

Celebrate at *CHEZ MOI*


The fabulous round "Season of Giving" of Tres Chic Event just started and CHEZ MOI is there with a new exclusive release to celebrate New Years!

Also, we display a Xmas Gift for all clients (no need group)

Have fun!

Check our super release

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Photo Comp at CIRCA

Hello everyone, we are holding our first Holiday photo contest. It's an exciting time during this period and we thought we would offer you all a chance to win some prizes.  This is an opportunity to be creative with home and garden items you have collected from CIRCA in the recent days.  Be as creative as you like and submit your photos to the CIRCA Flickr group!


1st place - L$5,000 gift card + all new releases created for January 2016
2nd place - L$2,500 gift card
3rd place - L$1,200 gift card

The 3 winning photos will have their photos placed and featured in CIRCA's main store on Sun. Jan 3rd.

Photo Contest Rules

~  1.  Enter your photo submissions here in the official CIRCA Flickr group
         Title your photo on Flickr as follows:  "CIRCA Photo Contest 2015 - Your Inworld Name Here", then whatever you want to name the photo.   

         *   It's very important that you use your official SL avatar name in the title as people use alias names in Flickr (we won't be able to contact you easily, otherwise).
         ** You will require a Flickr account to participate.

~  2.  Three Items must be used from the CIRCA - Holiday Advent Tree from 2015.  These items must be distinctly different, so 2 colourations of the same item will not be considered as 2 separate ones.  The "free" items from the advent setup CAN be used for this contest.  You can use other CIRCA items from our product line and/or group gifts to ADD to your setup or even prior advent year items.

~  3.  Theme: Make the photo feel either holiday festive or winter.  We're keeping it relatively open so you can explore more with what you are trying to convey in your photos. 

~  4.  Please keep your photo submissions moderate maturity.

~  5.  Quality counts and all levels of photography are welcome!  Feel free to use photoshop, Pic Monkey or other photo editing software to touch it up and add details. Just don't heavily distort the CIRCA items.

         Tip : If you would like to use the in-world shadow effects, you can use antialiasing to eliminate jagged edges for better results.

~  6.  Enter as many times as you like.  You can resubmit your contest entry if you want to update your photo /make changes.  We will review all submissions.  Choose carefully what you want to send.

~  7.  Be creative and make your photo stand out!

~  8.  Submit by 11:59 pm SLT - December 31st

* Tips 
    ~ Don't wait until the deadline
    ~ Don't make the photo too dark, have it be clear.
    ~ Have your CIRCA items well shown in the photo.

In entering the contest, we will reserve the right to use your entries to be displayed in-world or on our future blog for the CIRCA brand.  If used on in-world or on our blog - you will be credited for your photo work.  You must be have sole rights to the creation and use of the photos you submit for this contest.  

Voting Date!
The votes will be counted on January 3rd, the day the winners will be announced in the CIRCA in-world group and subscriber group!

The Judges!
There will be 5 judges to review the submissions and cast their final votes.  These judges are all industry people who are either designers with experience in creating ads and photos or are bloggers with long term experience in creating photos for blog sites.

Most of all, have fun with this!

If you have any questions, please reach me, 

Cherelle Capra

Lanterns from GOOSE

** NEW ** @ events

GOOSE - couples snowy lantern
lightpost including 7 couple animations, exclusive for tres chic event

New from Shutter Field

 17 December - New Outdoor Winter Decor

Shutter Field has new outdoor winter decor for the December round of Tres Chic.  These two pieces are perfect for your winter home and garden.   The fence has a texture change rug and the sled has a lantern that switches on and off.  Both pieces can be bought separately at Tres Chic, which is open now!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

What's News at Lunar Seasonal Designs

New this week is a cute little ceramic Christmas tree covered in light bulbs with a menu.  It lets you change the colors and textures of everything as well as glow and shine options and its on sale for 60L!!!  Plus a bunch of other items are also on sale this weekend.

December at Serenity Style

Serenity Style is taking part in the December round of the Wayward Market.
Our item is a winter set with a cute wooden sleigh and other decoration items.

The event will start 12th on December.

What's New at Shutter Field


Shutter Field and Cozy Homes / Cozy Kids have collaborated together to make an item for an awesome charity event taking place in December.

We have made two kids hang out tents, one for boys and one for girls.    The tents have a great bunch of animations for children to hang out and play, chat etc.

These exclusive items will be auctioned at the Serious Request Event during 12 - 20 December.  There are over 500 items being auctioned to raise money for children who are displaced from their homes because of conflict.     We have all seen the Syrian refugees making their way across Europe this year, many of them coming to a country you may live in.  This event helps to raise money for those children who no longer have a home in their own country. I hope you help out by bidding on something at the auction.  There will be a ton of great items to bid on.  :)

Check out the homepage.

If you are still looking for Christmas items to decorate your home with, shutter field is also taking part in the Christmas Market at 3d Republic.  This is a great little market with tons of Christmas decor items from designers in SL.

New from GOOSE

** NEW ** @ events

GOOSE - Tuscan walls build pack + Tuscan market booth add on

Exclusive available at cosmopolitan event

GOOSE - winter home daybed
32 single animations - 16 sync friends animations - 16 sync couple animations - sequence option in all
Exclusive available on winter trend 2015

GOOSE winter cuddle corner PG and ADULT 
32 single animations - 32 sync friends animations - 32 sync couple animations - FOR ADULT 40 sync adult animations - sequence option in all.
Exclusive available on frozzen fair 2015

In collab with wetcat poses we released this amazing blanket pose prop at winter trend 2015. 

Christmas is in Full Swing at *CHEZ MOI*


Stunning Christmas Mailbox to decor your home.

Join our Free Group and get yours today at our main store inworld.


In December CHEZ MOI Grop Discount Members will get a L$250 Gift Card to choose their gifts!

Stop by the inworld Mainstore, join the Group Discount and grab the L$ 250 Gift Card – then use them on any vendor in the store (gachas not included), or save them to use any time in the year!

Decor your home for Christmas or, as they’re transferable, they make the perfect gift!

Activate the GROUP DISCOUNT tag to get 15% discount at all purchase in Caspervend vendor all over CHEZ MOI in-world CHEZ MOI store.



Check our super releases:





Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's New @ *CHEZ MOI*


Stunning Christmas Mailbox to decor your home.

Join our Free Group and get yours today at our main store inworld.



The Theme Hunt begins December with "INTO THE WOODS"
Starts tomorrow, 30th November to 15th December

Look for the AMAZING set the CHEZ MOI built specially for you!

Check out the website for gallery and hints



11 Xmas items to decor your land for the holiday!
Mesh | Transfer | Modify
Only L$60 - For a limited time only - Until December 26th

For a closer look, Visit our Winter Parcel

Current Gachas:

10 Travel Trunk to collect with sweet animations (single and couple poses)
Mesh | Transfer | Modify 
Only L$50

Only L$35 each round

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Comes to CIRCA

December is Finally Here!

   This means a whole new month of goodies for the holidays.  We are in the Mix Event with some Christmas designs for you and we are doing our Holiday Advent Tree again this year.  That means 24 days of goodies plus an extra one for Christmas day!  Also we are in the Candy Cane 7 Hunt with a fun prize for you to find.  See below for details... Cheers!

For the MIX event.....

We are in the "new" category this month.

~ "Snow Lake" Christmas Holiday Trees & Gift Sets ~

    Need a new tree?! ...We have them.........

Also in Blue.

  ** See demos on site, nearby our main store landing point.
Extra Info ~
This new event allows shoppers to wear a hud and check out designer's store offerings by category; "Discounted", "New" and "Exclusive".

Free MIX hud on Marketplace

CIRCA's Holiday Advent Tree is here!  ๑۩۞۩๑
Dec 1st - 25th

Just like each year, we have put together a tree and you can pick up many fun items to decorate your homes or even yourself.  I'll be leaving out a rolling 2-3 days worth of items to be picked up but don't hesitate because the items will soon be gone.  Each item day will range from $1 - $75 depending on what it is with some surprise items for L$0.  Demos are in front of the wall tree.

t's for group members only which is free to join right now until Dec. 24th, then will be closed.



CIRCA Prize for the Candy Cane 7 Hunt
Dec 1 - Dec 25
Cost: L$1

We have a cute snowman prop for your winter setups that has a nice snowfall effect on touch for you to find in store.

See our store entrance for hunt sign and hint.