Friday, November 13, 2015

CIRCA is SAD and Thrifty

New for November!

   The weather is getting colder for many of us and it's time to bundle up while we shop.  We have for you some fashionable and fun items for fall as well as winter.  At the .SAD November event, we have released an exclusive new room collection with lots of choices with matching event GIFT.  There are also a few exclusives at The Thrift Shop, along with lots of deals on seasonal items.  Swing by and save some funds too ....see below for pics and details.

   Theme: Rainy Fashion, adness, Cold, Cloudy, Fall
   Nov 1 - Nov 22 (3 weeks)


   For this living room collection, we were inspired by the open fields in Ontario, Canada during this time of year and kept with the theme of sad, cold, and fall, with designer flair.  It has shades of grey which is lovely when paired with colour especially.  Therefore there are 4 colour accents to mix and match pieces, including: plum, navy, teal, and wine.  These furniture pieces will bring you right into winter without having to change much in decor.  The velvet chair has 18 quality animations for the ladies and gents, while the love seat has 40 in total; 24 single sits & lays / 16 synchronized couple sets.  To fill out the room, we have a beautiful moody wall painting, vase decor, coat stand, and area carpet set to co-ordinate with all the accent colours.  

Get into the mood of the season with lovely shades of grey!


Also in Navy, Teal and Wine


Also in Plum, Teal and Wine

Decor & Furniture

Also in Chevron Weave

GIFT Cheapie !!

Find this at the event for L$5

     ** During the event, our items are discounted at 30% Off and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in the seating.

The Thrift Shop #11 ~ Winter Edition
   8th - 29th (3 weeks)

We put together a few fun things for your holiday setups.  Simple, pretty, & something yummy.


Cookie Givers

Also in Mint

** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.
You can find many other items at our booth from the previous year in winter theme for all your holiday / seasonal decorating.  These are 50% off too.      

We also have 2 gachas at the event

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