Monday, November 30, 2015

All About Home - The Decor Book

It's here! 

We are pleased to provide you with the first edition of the All About Home Decor Book.  
Showcasing the builds of 10 quality home and garden designers, the book provides you with inspiration and ideas for your own home.    

Go to our AAH Decor Book page to view the book online and to get all the information.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Holidays Have Arrived at Botanical

Three non-decorated fir trees and matching wreaths are now available from Botanical!

Each tree comes with a matching metal tree stand and weighs in at only 2 land impact! Complimenting wreaths are available at 1 land impact each. Trees and wreaths are sold separately.
Both the trees and the wreaths were created for the Tannenbaum Holiday Market, where many residents have created ready-to-hang holiday ornament gacha collections.
Botanical has also created an ornament gacha collection with a darker spin:

The Tannenbaum Holiday Market is open November 25th to December 25th and offers holiday related content from over 100 vendors.
Tannenbaum is hosted on the Imagination Sim.

If you are interested in more Christmas trees of a different sort, Botanical also sells an assortment of Alternative Christmas Trees, available at the Botanical store, and the Second Life Marketplace.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

CIRCA's Black Friday Sale


Happy Thanksgiving to all the peeps in the U.S.  In the Black Friday tradition we are holding our own sale at the store, see below for details.  We also have a new collection at the Color Me Project this week for the winter season.  As we get ready for the holiday rush, we have brought in many of our Christmas & Winter items to the main area of the store.  The new release for the "WATERDOWN" collection is now in store and remember the Thrift Shop finishes on Nov 29th.  See below for details.  So grab your shopping bags, purse, wallet, pets ....and come get some deals!

•  30 - 50% Off on Select Items
•  50% Off on Holiday Gift Cards

We selected a variety of items in black from our store, along with some popular items or personal favourites for this sale.

Note: Our holiday gift cards will be honoured beyond 2015 if used in the following year.

Find the SALE wall here.

   White, Mint, Blue, & Grey theme
   Nov 25 - Dec 5th (10 + 1 extra day)

For this round of the Color Me Project, we did a fun and frosty collection of items that are casual and cozy.  There is enough items to create a holiday winter look with effortless style.  The 2-seater benches comes with 18 quality animations and the cute sit pouffes with 12 animations (they remind me of squished marshmallows).  For a touch of yum, there are 2 tray tables which offer holiday ginger cookies to your guests.   

Scoop up these great items and get decorating!
Full Set  

Decor & Lighting


Also in Winter Blue and Sugar

     ** During the event, our items are discounted at 25% Off and an exclusive colour.  Demos are on site to try out the animations.

For neutral colours - these didn't fit the theme of the event but I still wanted to have some soft browns for the collection, so you can grab the bench and pouffes in Winter Neutrals, Froth and Coco Frost.

These are near the inside entrance by the store ramp.


We are beginning to add all are Christmas and Wintery holiday goods to the store while getting ready for the seasonal rush.  All our holiday gachas have all be brought out and placed near the store landing point.  So stay tuned as we bring more items into the store.  Many items are being added to the Marketplace for extra shopping opportunities (35 items added this week).  Also we will be having our advent calendar again this year, so more news will be coming for this.

CIRCA Marketplace - added items

Black Friday Sale at [BA]

Because I will be traveling for the holiday weekend vendors may be set up early, so feel free to check in the shop early! The sale will go thru the weekend, midnight Sunday November 29th 2015

All deals will be available in the lobby of the main store - (in world look for the snowflake tags!)

If you wont be logging in this holiday weekend that is ok! All deals will be available on the marketplace!

Here is what you will find:

50% off all gift cards - perfect gift for anyone, even yourself! These can be used for all purchases in store and at events such as collabor88! - (gift cards will not work ontop of other discounted items in this sale, they are for future purchases or full price items - including collabor88!)

50% off selected prefabs - Maitland House, Tabor Cottage, Seaside Cottage, Paris Penthouse 2.0, Pacific Craftsman, Fairytale Cottage, Factory Loft, Hamptons Cottage, Plaza Store

50% off all snow caps

50% off all snow caps

Have a great thanksgiving weekend!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday House from GOOSE

** NEW ** @ events

GOOSE - holiday house gacha set

Exclusive available at Cosmopolitan Event


we have a brand new groupgift available, cozy pile of pillows that sits 1 avatar, including 3 single animations. This is gonne be a nice cozy add on for your winter settings. Pick them up in the mainstore 

** PREVIOUS RELEASES ** in the mainstore

2 sets of bean bag couches, modern and shabby look.

Bouth packs contain a single and couple sit bean bag couch, shabby version haves a extra paris edition included.

single sit - 5LI - 25 single animations
Couples sit - 6LI - 50 single animations - 16 sync couple animations

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Has Arrived at *CHEZ MOI*


New and exclusives releases at the fabulous event TRES CHIC! This round is It’s Cold Outside, so check gorgeous creations for the season!

CHEZ MOI is coming with the ROMANTIC LIFT SEAT and a Stunning ICESKATING RINK.

Check out the DEMO AREA.


Now it's time to gather energy and get warm... after all, it's cold outside - at least for some people ;)

This new Free Group Gift will make you fell warm and cozy:

Join our Free Group Gift and get yours today at our main store inworld.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Brownstone by [BA]

New house for Collabor88 November 2015!

Available for 288 $L this month only!

The snowcap for the new home is also available at Collabor88! 

As always a full demo is available on site!

Also snow caps for all 2015 prefabs are now available at the main shop or on the marketplace 

Snowmen at Shutter Field


We have new releases for Tres Chic starting 17th November with these cute outdoor wooden snowmen.  There are 2 versions, one low LI 4  and one higher LI 10.  Both versions have some cute winter animations for you to have fun with.

Friday, November 13, 2015

New Doll House at Lunar Seasonal Designs

New and on Sale is a menu driven doll house!  Open the door and sit down, then click one of the dolls inside the house to "play"  Click the house for a menu to change all the texture of everything!  Even Thanksgiving and Christmas options!  Comes in 2 sizes.

Grab a taxi.

CIRCA is SAD and Thrifty

New for November!

   The weather is getting colder for many of us and it's time to bundle up while we shop.  We have for you some fashionable and fun items for fall as well as winter.  At the .SAD November event, we have released an exclusive new room collection with lots of choices with matching event GIFT.  There are also a few exclusives at The Thrift Shop, along with lots of deals on seasonal items.  Swing by and save some funds too ....see below for pics and details.

   Theme: Rainy Fashion, adness, Cold, Cloudy, Fall
   Nov 1 - Nov 22 (3 weeks)


   For this living room collection, we were inspired by the open fields in Ontario, Canada during this time of year and kept with the theme of sad, cold, and fall, with designer flair.  It has shades of grey which is lovely when paired with colour especially.  Therefore there are 4 colour accents to mix and match pieces, including: plum, navy, teal, and wine.  These furniture pieces will bring you right into winter without having to change much in decor.  The velvet chair has 18 quality animations for the ladies and gents, while the love seat has 40 in total; 24 single sits & lays / 16 synchronized couple sets.  To fill out the room, we have a beautiful moody wall painting, vase decor, coat stand, and area carpet set to co-ordinate with all the accent colours.  

Get into the mood of the season with lovely shades of grey!


Also in Navy, Teal and Wine


Also in Plum, Teal and Wine

Decor & Furniture

Also in Chevron Weave

GIFT Cheapie !!

Find this at the event for L$5

     ** During the event, our items are discounted at 30% Off and exclusive.  Demos are on site to try out the animations in the seating.

The Thrift Shop #11 ~ Winter Edition
   8th - 29th (3 weeks)

We put together a few fun things for your holiday setups.  Simple, pretty, & something yummy.


Cookie Givers

Also in Mint

** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.
You can find many other items at our booth from the previous year in winter theme for all your holiday / seasonal decorating.  These are 50% off too.      

We also have 2 gachas at the event

New at *ZK* Designs

For all you seamstresses and seamsters out there, here is the new Gacha Release from *ZK* Designs.  Perfect for making a room in your house look fab!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

What's New at Shutter Field


For On9 event starting on 9 November Shutter Field have these new cosy couple blankets, with some fun single and couples activities as well as cuddles.   The grey version will be half price during the On9 event.

Also available in light and grey colours.

We have new xmas decor in store with cute gift wrapping decor and xmas rugs.  The rugs have single and couples animations, including xmas animations.

Also available in red and green.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Warm Up at *CHEZ MOI*


Hope you all had a lot of fun yesterday, the most creepy and spook night of the year: HALLOWEEN!!!

Now it's time to gather energy and get warm... after all, it's cold outside - at least for some people ;)

This new Free Group Gift will make you fell warm and cozy:

Join our Free Group Gift and get yours today at our main store inworld.



But if you live in a tropical country, this bench will fit with any season.

Interactive and multi poses Tree Bench 

Check, also this cozy room: