Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New at CIRCA

Get into the Twilight Zone!

We have new items at GENRE perfect for the halloween holiday coming up or any time of the year.  There is a GIFT to be picked up at our event booth location.  Also, we are in a few hunts at the mainstore, so be sure to check those out for great prizes (EnMESHed, Autumn Effect (Depraved), & Twisted).

   GENRE ~ The Twilight Zone
   Until Oct 12th

~ "Twilight Zone" Studio Sets ~

   Do you remember the old black and white episodes of "The Twilight Zone"?  Well our new studio set is version of this with all the right pieces to represent the well loved intro of the show.  In the collection, many pieces are scripted to animate, including our opening portal door, blinking eye, hover chairs, and spinning equation.  It all adds to the eery mood when brought together as a staged scene.  You can sit on the chairs as they bob up and down, which I thought would be fun.  Also we have an event gift which include the glowing portal door and the photobox itself, so you can take your own pics inside and have some background in space.  This will be available after the event, until the end of October.


     ** During the event, our new items are L$100 each and exclusive.  Items can be purchased as a full set or 2 smaller packs.

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