Saturday, October 31, 2015

In the Boudoir with CIRCA

New this week!

In the spirit of fall and winter coming, we are preparing new designs to keep you warm and bundled up.  We are in the latest round of the Colour Me Project with a unique take on the "boudoir" style of room design for the ladies.  With northern flair we have for you our new collection....see below for pics!  Also the Bats & Avies Festival is still going, so be sure to check this out before it ends this month (info below).  It's for a great cause and many goodies for Halloween, including a hunt!

Colour Me Project - Red & Green theme
   Oct 25 - Nov 3rd (10 days)

~ "Northern Boudoir" ~ 

  I live in Canada, so around this time of year my mind starts to think about fuzzy wools, plaids in all kinds of colours, long scarves, warm blankets, fallen leaves with sprinkles of snow, just to remind me that winter is coming.  So I try to enjoy the autumn season as much I can.  

This next design from CIRCA has some touches of both seasons for a lovely small collection to be used in the bedroom or dressing room.  The first statement piece is the detailed wardrobe cabinet which was made interactive, so you can open all the doors and drawers and see items inside.  There are 2 design versions for choice in land impact, "Full" or "Empty".  To go along with this are matching ottomans in either a leaf or damask pattern, each having 18 quality sit animations.  Then finally a few decor item options with the wire & plaid wall wreaths, pussywillow vase table, and matching area rugs.  This collection has a classic vintage look which can be used in a few different settings.

Empty version also available

Also available in Red Damask

Also available in Green

 ** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and an exclusive colour.  Demos are on site to try out the animations and the cabinet.

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