Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bats at CIRCA

New this week!

We have some fun halloween-ish type items for the season along with some urban designs for your viewing pleasure.  We are in a few events this month but here is a couple to keep you going for a few days. 

   Oct 15 - 31

~ "Haunted Manor" Sitting Collection ~

For a good friend of mine, Marsha Warwillow, I have put together this new sitting set for Halloween and to help the charity she has chosen for October.  This is for slGoth Magazine's charity event running right now, known as "The Truth About Bats & Avies Bat World Charity Festival". Trying saying that 10 times.  To keep with the theme I did introduce bats into the designs but in a subtle way with motifs and tiny bats flying around.  Look close and you will find them!  As part of the set you will find 2 pretty art deco chairs with 15 quality animations for the ladies and gents (30 in all), matching table with mini scene including flying bats, candelabra stands, area rugs & a spooky cookie plate giver for giving out treats to your guests (yum!).  I made the collection in such a way that you can use these to decorate your spaces for the Halloween period or for any time of the year without being too kitschy.

Come by and look for our specially marked vendors with 100% or 50% tags.

~ HUNT & Gachas Area ~
There is a hunt for this event which we will hopefully add an item to but in the meantime you can hunt for all the other prizes from excellent designers in the spirit of the charity theme and halloween.

Start HERE.

~ "Graffiti Town" Photo Spaces ~

  Looking for some simple backgrounds to fill out your collection of photo studio spaces?  We have 26 different urban photo space setups to choose from in 5 different package selections.  There is also an add on package for some photo props which includes a set of crates with various animations and oil barrel prop.  The backgrounds are copy/mod so you can pull out walls or add to them, change textures, or to customize to your personal taste.  These are quick and easy to use as a blogger, photographer, or fun photo connoisseur. 

We made these super affordable so you can pickup more than 1 option if you like.  Each pack is between L$85 - L$100 while at the event.  

Find our booth here.

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