Saturday, September 5, 2015

New at What Next

Hi everyone! We're taking part in a new round of the Arcade Gacha (Sept 1st-30th) - wearable attachment airplanes, that you fly/drive anywhere you like, each with custom animations, sound FX and a cute little particle trail FX.

There are 7 commons, 2 rares, each rare has 2 texture options and it's L$50 per play. and you'll receive one random airplane with each play.

Landmarks to The Arcade:

If you missed the notice earlier in the week. we've a new VIP group gift at the mainstore today., a decorative Scarecrow, with five Fall themed sign options. It's available for new and existing VIP group members (group join fee is L$250, membership includes reward credits earned on most mainstore purchases and previous group gifts, found in the VIP room)

You can retrieve it from Archived Group notices, or come into the store and it's in the VIP room, near the landing point.

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