Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All About Home is Growing

All About Home is a group dedicated to promoting quality home and garden stores and designs, both original mesh and quality templates, to sl residents.  Our aim is to let you know about the new releases, sales and group gifts talented home and garden designers are offering.

SL residents can learn about these fab home and garden builds through our inworld group notices, blog, flickr page or facebook page.    Our flickr and facebook pages are growing constantly.  We only have home and garden builds on these pages so they are a good resource for residents looking for items for their home.

We are expanding what All About Home offers.  We have a new group manager, Arya Braveheart, who will be working with group owners to expand the blog and offer new advertising initiatives for home and garden designers. 

We have are planning a new inworld advertising initiative for group designers, to be coming soon.  The blog will also be offering advertising opportunities and home and garden related information. 

All of our advertising is offered at affordable prices and you can opt what you would like to take part in.

If you are interested in joining the group as a designer, please check out the guidelines and designer join links on the blog.


Heavenly Villa

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