Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GOOSE Home and Garden News

** NEW ** in the mainstore

Firepit patio tent

Cozy setting for your beach or backyard to invite friends for a chat around the firepit.
Comes with 5 different bean bag colors.
full tent 30LI
bean bag 1LI
empty tent and bean bags can be purchased separately in the mainstore.  Check it out here on Marketplace.

Road build pack

build beautifull road settings with our full road pack containing 14 pieces.
pieces go from 1LI to 12LI


we have a brand new groupgift available, 2 cute wooden lanters with faces cut out of it. This will be a nice extra for your fall decoration. Pick them up in the mainstore ( group is free to join untill nov 1st and gives you 5% direct discount )

Sunday, September 27, 2015

What is New at *CHEZ MOI*?

Check our super releases at *CHEZ MOI*




New at The Mustard Seed

New group gift and Autumn items "buzzing" around!
Hugs, Lav

Check them out HERE.



Sale:  60L$
Regular:  120L$

Autumn Outdoor Set!!

Sale:  99L$
Regular:  199L$

Sale: 50L$
Regular: 100L$


Sale: 60L$
Regular:  120L$




!!!NEW!!!   GROUP GIFT     !!!NEW!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Potions at Lunar Seasonal Designs

Ever wanted to brew a potion?  Looking for a challenge?  Then you might need a potions bench.  
Click on 3 different ingredients to add them to the cauldron.  The cauldron liquid will change colour and if you added the correct items you a potion will appear!
Warning though... this is not easy...  For 25L you can also purchase additional help.  LOL!

Grab it HERE.

New at CIRCA

NEW Release for Fall!

We made a new exclusive for Cosmopolitan and the fall season.  It has been a delayed release due to me catching a cold but I finally was able to get it all finished.  What I am going to do is have it all on sale until Sunday at a special price then release it at store discounted for 2 weeks to make up for event time.  Also we still have the current Group Gift in store for CIRCA group members.   See below for details and pics.

   Until Sept 27th
@ 50% Off (til Sunday)

Collection will be at store Sept 28 and on @ 30% Off (2 weeks)

~ "MONTANE" Gazebo Sets ~

Fall leaves, crisp cool air, the smell of apples, and burning firewood are just a few things that remind me that autumn is here.  I love the idea of outdoor sets where you can sit by a fire, while bundled up in your favourite pullover sweater,  reading a must have magazine or book.  So I have come out with a new Gazebo collection for the occasion, including seating in lots of print choices, firepit tables, planters and nice wooden gazebos to match.  Each of the chairs include loads of quality animations for the ladies and gents, including lounges, chatting, drinking, reading, & stands (in the table).  You can pick up a full set or just get the chairs and tables to create your own setups.  

These full sets are simple, classy and fun!

Full Sets

Also in redwood & silver

Smaller Packs

Also in Quatrefoil & Stripes and Leaves & Floral

So again, while the sets are at Cosmopolitan, they will be 50% Off, then once they arrive at the store on Monday, they will be 30% off for 2 weeks, until Mon. Oct 12th.  Scoop them this weekend and save!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New from GOOSE

GOOSE Home & Garden

We're a brand new store in the range of house and garden items. All our items are 100% original meshes created by us. Check this notecard to see some of the first new items we have to offer you. New items come in on a very regular based time.

Most our products are MOD and COPY. (if you see NO MOD on a object means it haves scripts/animations in it wich are NO MOD)

** NEW ** in the mainstore

Nice set to decorate your garden including some of the best animations.
14 LI

wooden decorative roadsign pointing to all 4 seasons

6 LI

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Goodies at *CHEZ MOI*


* New Discount Group Gift
Interactive and multi poses with wearable props

Tai Chi Chuan Rug with 2 zen animations.

REMEMBER: Activate the GROUP DISCOUNT tag to get 15% discount at all Caspervend vendor all over the in-world CHEZ MOI store.



Shopping Day!! New Group Gift CHEZ MOI!
Get yours today!

9 LI | Mesh



"Let's fall into Fall" theme round of TRES CHIC
Check this exclusive set!


Check our super releases:


Saturday, September 19, 2015

In the Kitchen with Shutter Field

Shutter field has new outdoor kitchen bench and dining sets this weekend.  All pieces are sold separately and will be half price for one day only.

The kitchen bench has animations, the table cloth is texture change and the candle turns on and off.

New Cottage from Barnesworth Anubis

New house for collabor88 september 2015!

see in person at the LM or more on the blog.

Available for 188L this month only!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Colour of Autumn at CIRCA

New this Week!

We have a few new pieces for the fall season through the "Colour Me Project" and a small Parisian room set for "SWANK".  Also we have a new Group Gift in store for CIRCA group members.   See below for details and pics.

   Color Me Project - Fall theme
   Sept 10 - 19
   (10 day period)

~ "Into the Forest" Autumn Collection ~

It's always a wonderful time of year to decorate for fall, so we made a few pieces to mix and match to fill your spaces.  Each of the cushy ottomans come with 12 quality animations for male & female positions to lounge about.  To go with these, we created some woodsy wall items, table design, and area rugs in neutral, maroon, & navy colours.  Enjoy viewing.


Also in Navy Plaid, Maroon-Brown Plaid, Navy Stripe Knit, Dark Navy Stripe Knit and Maroon Stripe Knit

 Furniture & Decor:

Also in Khaki Wood

Also in Orange

Also in Ribbed Velours and Leafy Weaves


As part of this collection - we made a variation for group members of the wall branch art.  Just wear your [CIRCA] Group tag to collect!  This gift is copiable.  Enjoy!

Find this at the inside entrance of our store by the spiral stairs.
* Be sure to be wearing your appropriate group tag. 
   There is a L$500 join fee as we have a few other fab gifts out as well, making it totally worth it.

    Sept 7 - 30

~ "French Connection" Room Sets ~

This month we have a small luxury set with Parisian flair.  You can find these in either a purple or ina neutral tan colour.  The sets includes a luxurious velvet chair with writing and button details, boudoir styled travel table, sitting suitcase seat, and wall mirror.  Each chair has 24 animations for male & female positions.  Perfect for glamour and casual styled spaces. 

Also in Brown

** During the event, our items are discounted at 30% Off and exclusive.  See our demos on site.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Autumn at CIRCA

New Items for The Neighbourhood!

     "Autumn Garden" Sets! for The Neighbourhood
      On Sept 12th
This new release is close to 70% off the regular price until tomorrow morning.  We did an outdoor bench and topiary set which can be used indoors too.  There are 2 versions, either decorated or simple for the fall season.  The bench includes 2 sit positions with 24 animations in total for the guys & gals.  Lots of texture colours options for the woods and planter base, to create a personal look.  Come by and scoop these up.

The 24 Event II
   Sept 11 - 19

~ "Epiphany Sun" Settee Room Set ~

   This Moroccan styled settee set comes with a few interactive details to create your own personal look for the pieces.  The settee seat includes 44 female sits, 16 male, and 18 sync'd couple animation sets for a total of 96 positions, accessed via touch menus.  The animations range from sits, lays, reading, chatting, cuddles, to kisses.  The settee has 10 fabric colour / pattern combinations & 5 wood tones.  There are hand-painted motif details on the furniture to add to the overall moroccan look.  The side table comes with 5 matching wood tones and branch vase attached.  Lastly, included are 4 hanging lanterns & extra chain pieces have been provided to help with length.  This is a beautiful exclusive set with only 150 copies available in total for this version.  It's a great idea for autumn season setups, fantasy, period, or casual rustic type displays.

** During the event, our new item is exclusive with only 150 copies available.  Items can be purchased as a full set, or as smaller packs, or as individual pieces.  See our demo on site.  

    You can find other popular furniture & decor collections at our booth as well, including some fall pieces for seasonal decorating.

Vines at Lunar Seasonal Designs

A Few More Days Left for 50% off (Sale price is L$100)  Ravens and Turtle Love Grapes.  
A Raven sits on a fence and then hops over and pecks at a bunch of grapes finally making one fall so it rolls over to a box turtle how grabs it!
Also has a menu to let you change the leaves and grapes.

You can find it HERE.


** NEW ** in the mainstore

Petit Paris
Commercial buildings set
11 LI

100% original small mesh store building with HQ textures and shading. The size and the 11 LI makes this very suitable for malls and events.


great fall decoration for any environment.

10 LI

Ceiling lights
nice little ceiling lights to decorate a house, garden, shop or any kind of environment.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bedtime at Serenity Style

Serenity Style has an exclusive item out for On9 which started yesterday.

Check out this gorgeous bedroom set.