Wednesday, August 5, 2015


New Summery Items!

Basking in the sun is a favourite pastime for many.  To help you catch some rays, we have some fun pool items at the 2nd Miyagawacho Gacha Fair and new outdoor furniture at Perfect 10.  Also the Color Me Project - Gold round is almost over, finishes tomorrow.  Be sure not to miss these releases and come check us out! See below for pics & details.

     Aug 1 - 22

  L$ 50  per play

     3 RARES & 15 Commons

     All transferable


   Aug 1 - 15
 It's a new round of the Perfect 10 and we have released a new unique chair and jacuzzi mini pool for this warm season to use on your own or share with that special someone.  Both items come with loads of single animations and couple sets.  For customization, the hanging chair comes with 6 weave fabrics to change via touch menu, in the pillow and mattress.  Cool down, catch some rays and enjoy some summer bliss in modern style. 

 ** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.  See our demos on site.

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