Saturday, July 11, 2015

New House from Barnesworth Anubis

New house for collabor88 July 2015!

see in person at the LM or more on the blog.

Available for 288 $L this round only!

As always a full demo is available on site!



  1. This home is a Cozy Home - not a Barnsworth Home. The home was created and made by Paige Raven and Terra Clairemont. It's simply mislabeled and wrongly priced. Accidents happen and we appreciate being blogged in the first place. I did contact the blogger and I am sure it will be fixed soon! If you have any questions at all, please contact me Italia Villota in world. Thanks again Arya for blogging us ♥

    1. Sorry for the slack reply. This is definitely a BA home as it has the BA logo on it and can also be found here: I just blog what the designers send me, so I just copied the notecard from BA to do this post. Have you got the wrong post? I am happy to be corrected if I labelled another one wrong.