Friday, July 31, 2015


New Beauty Vanities & More!

Every once in a while we like to create a new vanity setup for the fashionistas & collectors out there.  Our new "Chantelle" Vanity Collection is perfect for summer and all year round.  One colour can be found at the latest Color Me Project and 2 others at our mainstore.  Also, there are 2 days left for the SWANK event and the Le Petite Faire is finishing up.  So if you have been to these, scoot by for last minute shopping.  See below for details.

 Color Me Project - Gold Theme
   July 25 - July 3
   (10 day period)

~ "Chantelle" Vanity Sets ~

At CIRCA we have a very large range of vanity sets with lots of terrific texturing and details wanted for luxury designs like these.  The "Chantelle" vanity series is no exception.  We made sure to add lots of makeup and vanity table items to the design.  We like to add extra seating to these series with quality animations, so there are ottomans and stacked pillow seats to choose from.  The new vanity style reminds me of the 80's chrome designs and even prior that came out at that time and became an interior design staple.  The main set comes with loads of makeup & accessories sets along with a seat of 32 animations, including loads of beauty ones.  To match the beauty animations, there are auto rezz hand props that will appear as the touch menu is used.  For added luxury we put together velvet ottomans and stacked satin pillow seats for extra places to sit.  Enjoy some personal pampering with our new glamorous release.

Also available in silver and black.
     ** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and an exclusive colour.

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