Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is New at CIRCA?

NEW Gatcha Collection & Group Gifts!
It's the next round of the Ai Gacha event and we have whole new outdoor collection of items to pickup and win!  Also, we have brought out 2 new pretty group gifts for our CIRCA members, perfect for the season. See below for details.

 @ Ai Gacha Event 
      Jun 1st - 25th

With this new dreamy collection of furniture & decor, you can have yourself a whimsical outdoor setup full of pretty items.  There are 5 beds - 2 common and 3 rare.  The commons have 28 animations for sits & lays, where as the rares have 46 animations which also include sleeps.  These are setup for male and female positions via touch menu.  The RARE rose bird cages have random tweets on touch, how cute is that?!  The items are versatile enough to decorate your outdoor or indoor areas.

 L$ 50  per play

     8 RARES & 20 Commons

     All transferable



NEW Group Gifts for Spring 2015!

Here's our 2 new gift items for this season. The rose bird cage is a special edition as an extension of our new gatcha collection (only the gatcha versions include the bird sounds).  The spring cafe chair set is a special edition as part of the series we released on April.  Both of these gifts are copiable.  Enjoy!

* Be sure to be wearing your appropriate group tag. 
   There is a L$500 join fee as we have a few other fab gifts out as well, making it totally worth it.

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