Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lots Going on at Lunar Seasonal Designs

Hello everyone!

Lots going on at both my consumer store and my full perm store!

At My consumer store I have 4 hunts running!  They are either free, 1L or 2L!

At Perfect 10 Everything in my booth is 50% off with an exclusive sale on my Menu Driven Chicken Coop!  It's only 100L!

Plus also on sale there are a bunch of other animated animals!

I have 3 new 100% original mesh cupcake towers that give cupcakes
All on sale 30% off

plus I have a bunch of other romantic themed items also on sale there!

And then for my Full Perm Store I have 2 hunts:

And at the Mid-Summer Uprising Full Perm Fair I have 4 new items at 50L (which is 50% off)

plus some other items at 30% off!

Now if you have made it through all that lol!
I have also have a hidden vendor at my consumer store.  Everything in it is only 10L!  But I'm not telling you where it is or what's in it.  Mostly I'm wondering if anyone reads these things lol.

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