Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shutter Field is at the Beach

NEW RELEASES -  New porch and beach furniture and decor

The Challenge - starting 1 July - "Castaway"

The Challenge has a fun "castaway" theme this month and shutter field has created these new castaway sets.     

The bed set comes with some fun "castaway" themed animations, sits and couples cuddles.  The lantern turns on and off.   The outhouse set includes a tub with toilet animations.   

Both sets will be discounted to 30% off during the round. 

Shutter field has completed the porch set with new matching porch sofas.   They include single and couple animations.

Also in striped, grey and shabby.

We have a new exclusive item for Best of SL readers - discounted price just for July.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Bed Set and More from CIRCA

NEW Releases for Summer!

We are at Cosmopolitan this round with a beautiful bedroom collection for your summer rooms.  Also, it's a special round of the Color Me Project and the theme is summer colours, so we brought out some of our best sellers to get you prepped for those hot days!  At our stores, we have a new loft build for the gardener in you and our Savanna room collection we recently released.  Finally, don't forget our newly created groups gifts waiting at our stores to be scooped up!  See below for all the details & pics.

Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly
   Jun 22 - Jul 5

~ River Bungalow ~

   For those cool summery nights, we have a new bedroom set that will offer a natural setting to your space.  The "River Bungalow" bedroom collection is inspired by tropical forests, rivers, and waterfalls.  The bed and seating have 6 fabric colours to choose from with natural weave rugs to match by tone.  Each bed comes with 136 quality animations (PG), 35 couple's synchronized & 66 single positions.  It has a touch menu with sits, lays, sleeps, cuddles and kisses.  For certain animations, props will auto rez for your animation cycles, such as laptops, books, and drinks. We made the chair set with 24 sitting animations (12 per chair), good for the indoors or outside on a nice deck.  There are 2 wood tones to choose from in the series with beautiful maple woods in light (golden tone) or dark (redwood tone).  You also receive all the room accessories needed to create a unique space with a tranquil atmosphere.

Complete Bedroom Sets:

Also available in Dark Maple

Also available in Dark Maple

Also available in Light Maple

Also available in Greens

** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.  Items can be puchased as a full set, or as smaller packs, or as individual pieces.  See our demos on site.  


   Red, Orange, Yellow, & Brown Theme
   Jun 25 - Jul 4
   (10 day period)
It's a special round at this event with 4 colours as the theme, getting you into the summer spirit.  So we brought out some of our best sellers to fit this along with Canada Day and July 4th.  We have beach items, food & snacks, drinks, and some really colourful yoga mats to get you in shape for the season!

Here is a sample of items at this round:


Also available in Red

Also available in Bright Sun

** During the event, our items are discounted at 50% Off. 

New at Lunar Seasonal Designs

New and on sale for 60L is a funny little mailbox.  It has a menu to let you change the textures and color tints as well as giving you read and un-read notecards and deleting read notecards from inventory.

It also has a little fish that jumps out to grab the letter whenever someone drops in a notecard.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

New at *CHEZ MOI*


10 Travel Trunk to collect with sweet animations (single and couple poses)
Mesh | Transfer | Modify 
Only L$50

Monday, June 22, 2015

What is New at *CHEZ MOI*?


If you lost the yesterday sale you can get the 40% discount and in more 10 different products!! 
Look for the signs and enjoy!!

Group Discount Members can get 55% OFF!!

Some products on sale Today - June 21th.

Here is a sample of just some of the items on sale.  There is SO much more.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cats, Cats and More Cats at Lumiere

Lumiere is more than just lighting.  We also have home decor and now in partnership with a great designer; we have unique jewelry.  Check out our newest home decor item HERE.  We call it our Cat  Security only because its always watching.  And its animated!   Available in 3 finishes.

Note:  This IS NOT a home security system.  It is for decoration only.

Land Impact - 2
Copy Only - No Mod - No Transfer

Low Low Price of L$95

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mustard Seed News

Beach theme this weekend with 50% off two already amazingly priced beach hut sets (yes, furnished!) and beach hunt, too!
You'll have to wait a year to get this price again!

Thanks for taking a peek!


Day at the Beach Hunt (DATB) -  June 1 to June 30 - 1L$

enMESHED into Summer 2015 - June 15 to July 15 - 0L$

A Midsummer Night's Dream 6 - June 21 to July 21 - 1L$



Also in BLUE.


GARAGE SALES - only 25L$!

New From Fancy Decor

Check out our new releases at this round of IDK!
This round is themed "Solar Eclipse," so we brought you
some galaxy themed decor!

L$125 ea.

StoraxTree News

New at fi*Friday

In the Kitchen at Serenity Style

This is a preview of our exclusive for the June round of The Fantasy Collective which starts on June 22nd.
This is a set that will sell in fatpack or separately (cupboard with decor // chest with decor in 2 versions - linked and unlinked ).

Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is New at CIRCA?

NEW Gatcha Collection & Group Gifts!
It's the next round of the Ai Gacha event and we have whole new outdoor collection of items to pickup and win!  Also, we have brought out 2 new pretty group gifts for our CIRCA members, perfect for the season. See below for details.

 @ Ai Gacha Event 
      Jun 1st - 25th

With this new dreamy collection of furniture & decor, you can have yourself a whimsical outdoor setup full of pretty items.  There are 5 beds - 2 common and 3 rare.  The commons have 28 animations for sits & lays, where as the rares have 46 animations which also include sleeps.  These are setup for male and female positions via touch menu.  The RARE rose bird cages have random tweets on touch, how cute is that?!  The items are versatile enough to decorate your outdoor or indoor areas.

 L$ 50  per play

     8 RARES & 20 Commons

     All transferable



NEW Group Gifts for Spring 2015!

Here's our 2 new gift items for this season. The rose bird cage is a special edition as an extension of our new gatcha collection (only the gatcha versions include the bird sounds).  The spring cafe chair set is a special edition as part of the series we released on April.  Both of these gifts are copiable.  Enjoy!

* Be sure to be wearing your appropriate group tag. 
   There is a L$500 join fee as we have a few other fab gifts out as well, making it totally worth it.