Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekend Sales at The Mustard Seed

Some great bargains at The Mustard Seed.

Springtime and lemonade come together in a vintage patio set with 32 animations, flowers, drink options & COOKIES!  50%

My first gacha, too! Yes, there is a kitty.

Oh and landscaping!  Choose either a summer path or walled garden.  50% off.

Lazy Lemonade Set:  Discount set!  Get it all for only 165L$ and save 30L$ on the sale price!

Chairs:  32 animations, 4 texture options. enjoy an afternoon of lemonade, wine, water, and cookies in these charming vintage chairs.
50% off @ 75L$

Table:  matching table with lemonade dispenser, lemonade glass and cookies
50% off @ 50L$

Hyacinth:  50% off @ 35L$

Tulips:  50% off @ 35L$

Garden:  50$ off @ 60L$

Path:  50% off @60L$

GACHA!! 35L$

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