Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Items at Circa

New this weekend! 
We have some new deluxe living room pieces for your lovely spaces.  At the Color Me Project you can find new sets with a lofty lounge look.  Be sure to check out the event for these items among many other great finds.

Color Me Project:  Black theme
   Apr 25 - May 4
   (10 day period)

~ "Jaqua" Low Lounger Room Sets ~

The theme is black, so I created a set of furniture pieces in luxe velvets, damask, & black woods.  To expand on the colourations, I added the accent colours Azure, Ruby, Violet, & Emerald so you could mix and match your pieces.  Each of the loungers comes with 58 quality animations for lounging male & female sits.  So there is plenty of choice for interesting posing.  This includes 10 floor sits.  The tables linked with a velvet rug come with 3 table lean animations.  As an add on we have available a decor pack which has a draped wire light and 2 planters to match.  The furniture pieces fit perfect in the centre or corner of a room with an a-symmetrical layout.  This series is great for homes, lofts, warehouses, store spaces, & more. 

     * During the event, all our items are discounted at 50% Off and exclusive.  See demo on site.

Also available in Blackest, Azure Blue, Violet and Emerald

Also available in Blackest, Azure Blue, Violet and Emerald

 We have added to our growing collection for the SunnySide outdoor series with special new sets at Cosmopolitan.  Also, we are in this year's "Black Fashion Fair" with our retro cocktail party sets and in the latest round of GENRE which is all about the Rockabilly look.  Whether you need black and sleek or bold and vivid, we have you covered.  Get into the party mood with our new collections at great events.

   Cosmopolitan -
   Until April 26th
   Sale extended - see details below

Also available in Teak and Walnut

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